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32-36 credit, 14-month MBA program

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Success doesn’t just come to you.
Best Value Schools Most Affordable BadgeYou have to go after it. And sometimes, you may have to chase it across the sea. Our Master of Business Administration international business program will prepare you for the trip. With classes that focus on international trade and investments, financial management and organizational analysis and design, you will study how multinational firms work in a variety of cultural environments. You will know and understand trade theories and agreements in global financial markets so that you are prepared for your journey to success.


Online: Two terms per semester starting in January, March, May, July, August and October

On Campus: Two terms per semester starting in January and August

Core MBA courses are offered online or on campus, and the concentration-specific courses will be offered online in the Fall and Spring semesters.

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Who Is This Master of Business Administration International Business Program For?

The MBA in International Business program is designed to enhance the management skills necessary for effectively operating in the international business environment. Students in the MBA in International Business concentration learn how to think globally about the business world. Students will broaden their awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by business in a global economy. Master of Business Administration International Business courses are designed to enhance the knowledge and skills developed in other business courses, as well as to provide proficiency in the international business areas of international trade, investment, management, marketing and finance.

They will learn how to manage multinational businesses and turn local and national companies into international success stories. The MBA in  International Business concentration is designed for those students who wish to prepare themselves to manage in businesses that cross national boundaries and to function in the global business environment. Skills acquired in the major may be used in providing management and professional expertise to business, government and not-for-profit organizations.

International Business MBA FAQ

What is international business?

International business involves cross-border commerce and other transactions between companies and governments. Professionals in international business are skilled in cultural awareness, cross-cultural communication, critical and adaptive thinking on real-world issues, financial and collaboration skills, multi-national work settings and more.

What is an international business MBA?

As technology advances, trade barriers come down and competition heats up, the demand for people who know how to operate in a global economy is stronger than ever. An international business MBA equips graduates with the in-depth knowledge and specialized skills needed to thrive in this increasingly globalized business environment.

What can you do with an MBA in international business?

With an MBA in international business, graduates are prepared to work with multinational companies, as well as governments and nongovernment organizations in a variety of areas including international trade, investment, management, communications, marketing, finance and more.

Optional Second Concentrations

You can enhance your skillset even more by adding just a few more courses for a second concentration. The MBA program offers the following second concentrations:

Average degree completion for a full-time student
32 - 36 credits
Average degree completion for a part-time student
32 - 36 credits

At a Glance

  • 32-36 credit, 14-month MBA program
  • Regional accreditations
  • No application fees
  • Flexible start dates
  • Accepts transfer credits
  • No GRE/GMAT required
  • Also offered as an online certificate
  • 33% of MBA students receive tuition discounts. Contact us today to learn more!

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Sample Courses

International Financial Management (FIN 617) 

Structure and operation of global financial markets: The international monetary system, global banking, eurocurrency markets, global securities markets, foreign exchange markets, emerging capital markets, and global portfolio management. Financial skills required for effective management of companies engaged in international business.

Global Marketing Management (MKT 627)

This course will focus on the application of marketing principles in the globalized markets of the 21st Century. The combination of global free trade philosophies with local market conditions present an array of opportunities and concerns that need to be understood and managed throughout the world. The course will emphasize the global nature of these decisions and their impact on the management of products, services, brands and new market development.

Waiving courses allows for cost savings and faster degree completion.

MGT515 and MGT516 may be waived by permission of the Dean. With these two courses waived, qualified students can complete their MBA in as little as 14 months if they are enrolled full-time; however, part-time options are also available.

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