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International Business

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32-36 Credit, 14-Month Program

International business, which involves cross-border commerce and other transactions between companies and governments, opens up a world of career possibilities – literally. As technology advances, trade barriers come down and competition heats up, the demand for people who know how to operate in a global economy is stronger than ever. Our international business MBA program will equip you with the in-depth knowledge and specialized skills you’ll need to thrive in this increasingly globalized business environment.

A global mindset is essential in business today and will only increase in importance as globalization brings the world closer together. Our international business concentration will equip you with the specialized knowledge needed to function effectively as a manager in today’s competitive global economy. With classes that focus on international trade and investments, financial management, and organizational design and operation, you’ll study how multinational organizations work, and thrive, in a variety of cultural environments.

To succeed in international business, it requires more than traditional business skills. Professionals in this field often travel to or live in other countries and must understand diverse cultures, economies, laws and business practices. The employment opportunities are numerous – as well as lucrative – for those who understand cross-cultural phenomena, even if the only language you speak and understand is English.

  • Diverse and highly experienced faculty who understand international and multinational issues related to business functions
  • Instructors with substantial networks that allow students to find internships and employments throughout the world
  • Diverse classrooms with students from many nations and a main campus with over 40 countries represented
  • Case-based teaching pedagogy that allows students to understand complicated business issues and to determine multiple solutions
  • Introduction to global leaders via guest speaking opportunities, as well as campus engagement programs
  • The TU School of Business is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).
  • On a national standardized test by Peregrine, Tiffin University business students scored higher on average compared with students from other ACBSP schools.

In the MBA international business concentration, you’ll learn from experienced faculty and adjuncts who have all traveled and worked extensively within the international marketplace. Our program’s instructors have served in industry leadership positions, including emotional intelligence consultants, product development specialists, management analysts, business development, human resource management consulting, outsourcing and offshore sourcing.

With their extensive work and travel experience, our faculty’s perspective will help prepare you to enter the international workplace, ready to understand cultural differences and to manage and lead people accordingly. You’ll be equipped with an in-depth knowledge of the field and career-ready skills, including:

  • Cultural awareness
  • Multinational approach to business issues
  • Critical and adaptive thinking on real-world issues
  • Cross-cultural communication skills
  • Financial skills
  • Collaboration skills
  • Presentational skills
  • Work experience within a multinational setting

On Campus – Offered in two terms per semester starting in January, May, August and October

Online – Offered in two terms per semester starting in January, March, May, July, August and October

Core MBA courses are offered online or on campus; remaining concentration courses are offered exclusively online.


International Trade (ECO 627) – Overview of the dynamic economic, ethical, cultural, legal, and political issues that affect operations in the global arena. Discussion of various trade theories, trade barriers, and trade agreements. Examination of the external environment for trade and investment – the course seeks to equip future business leaders to exploit opportunities presented by selling to global markets instead of a single national market and adding value by locating different aspects of the value chain in countries where they can be performed most efficiently based upon differences in wage rates and national resource endowments. The course will allow students to understand the structural economic factors that govern locational benefits, government policies that encourage/discourage the integration of national economies with the global economy, and the risks of the global macroeconomic environment. It will also help them cope with the challenges posed by globalization (the increase in potential competition) by studying different modes of entry into emerging markets.

International Financial Management (FIN 617) – Structure and operation of global financial markets: The international monetary system, global banking, eurocurrency markets, global securities markets, foreign exchange markets, emerging capital markets, and global portfolio management. Financial skills required for effective management of companies engaged in international business.

Strategic Analysis in Global Industry (MGT 631) – The examination of organizations in terms of patterns in design and operation through topics including organizational-environment interface, structure, technology, and socio-technical systems and culture are the basis for this course.

Global Marketing Management (MKT 627) – This course will focus on the application of marketing principles in the globalized markets of the 21st Century. The combination of global free trade philosophies with local market conditions present an array of opportunities and concerns that need to be understood and managed throughout the world. The course will emphasize the global nature of these decisions and their impact on the management of products, services, brands and new market development.

The MBA international business concentration opens up a world of career possibilities. Multinational companies, governments and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) all need experts in international trade, investment, management, communications, marketing and/or finance.

Business development

  • Director of international growth
  • International business analyst

Global trade, sales and marketing

  • Business engagement director
  • Global account manager
  • International market coordinator
  • International sales director
  • International trade specialist
  • Trade and customs manager

Global purchasing and logistics

  • Logistics analyst
  • Global product manager
  • Import/export specialist
  • International pricing analyst

Human resources

  • International benefits analyst
  • International traveling recruiter

International banking and finance

  • Financial analyst
  • Foreign banking compliance officer

International travel and communications

  • Communications officer
  • Global internal communication specialist
  • Interpreter
  • Publications editor

Economic development/international relief

    • Education specialist
    • Finance director
    • Global relations officer
    • Humanitarian program manager
what is international business?

International business involves cross-border commerce and other transactions between companies and governments. Professionals in international business are skilled in cultural awareness, cross-cultural communication, critical and adaptive thinking on real-world issues, financial and collaboration skills, multi-national work settings and more.

what is an mba in international business?

An MBA in international business equips students with the specialized knowledge needed to function effectively as a manager in today’s competitive global economy. Students will take classes that focus on international trade and investments, financial management, organization design and operation as well as study how multinational organizations work and thrive in a variety of cultural environments.

what can i do with an mba in international business?

With an MBA in international business, graduates are prepared to work with multinational companies, as well as governments and nongovernment organizations in a variety of areas including international trade, investment, management, communications, marketing, finance and more.

MBA International Business Program Requirements

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