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Bachelor of Science

Reach your full potential by learning from faculty members who have first-hand experience in their fields.

Classes Start January 12 and March 8
Classes Start Six Times Per Year For Ultimate Flexibility

Tiffin University’s Bachelor of Science program is specifically designed for your career objectives, offering practical, job-focused education with a strong emphasis on real-world environments, situations, and applications. Our instructors have invaluable first-hand experience in their field – some, in fact, are still working professionals away from the classroom – and they’re always happy to share their expert insight and advice in the classroom.

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Bachelor of SCIENCE Programs

Administrator looking at medical record

BS – Healthcare Administration

Learn about the healthcare organizational culture – all to create the right environment for patient care

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server room with 3d programming code

BS – Computer Science

Become a master programmer and stay ahead of the trends

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Faculty Spotlight

Michael Kidd, Ph.D.

Chair, Bachelor of Sciences – IT Program


Assistant Professor of Information Technology

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