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Master of Business Administration

Leadership & Change

Online or On Campus
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take leadership in a rapidly changing world

32-36 Credit, 14-Month Program

Leadership is about knowing oneself and influencing others to meet organizational goals. But the reality is, whatever your vision for your organization, change is inevitable. To be effective, you must grasp the advantages of change while limiting its disadvantages. Strong leadership in an ever-evolving business environment is the focus of Tiffin University’s MBA leadership program. In this highly practical MBA, you’ll develop transferrable skills that will aid you in any field of endeavor, both personally and professionally.

The Leadership & Change concentration provides you with a comprehensive organizational perspective, combined with real-world applications. Exposure to individual and group theories and practice will prepare you to become a well-rounded business professional. Competencies covered include: ethical decision making, interdependence, inclusion, global perspective and technology, along with courses focused on individual leadership, behavior and change dynamics, systems thinking, negotiations and conflict resolution.

Most learning in the program is team-based as well as case-based. By being an online program, this allows you to work across various mediums to gain practice in working virtually in teams, an ability that is in high demand in today’s complex working environment.

As a post-graduate program, Leadership & Change does not demand or even need students to come to the program with a specific academic background. The program is broad enough to allow all disciplines a place at the table in discussing the impacts of leadership and how skilled practitioners can change the world.

Professional Leadership & Change Training
  • You’ll actively engage in the program, as most learning is team-based as well as case-based.
  • The program strives to improve self-awareness in our students, so they can improve their overall relationships and outcomes of those relationships.
  • The program is intentional in gathering a diverse group of learners from around the world.
  • Studying with other working professionals creates excellent opportunities for networking.
  • The TU School of Business is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).
  • On a national standardized test by Peregrine, Tiffin University business students scored higher on average compared with students from other ACBSP schools.

Faculty in the MBA leadership program bring years of leadership experience to the classroom. Our instructors have led numerous areas within the business and higher education sectors, both domestically and internationally. As experienced professionals, they have built substantial networks that can help you connect to working professionals.

Our program also strives to connect you with working professionals through guest speakers, case studies and internships. This exposure not only makes the learning powerful and dynamic but it helps you to better understand your interests within the business arena, so you can choose where you want to make an impact.

a practical, professional education
  • Most students in the program are active working professionals.
  • You’ll build skills sets that will enable you to be adaptive and flexible in your ongoing approach to leadership.
  • Collaborative learning is stressed within the program.
  • The program is kept relevant by bringing guest speakers into the classroom and students into the world of work.
  • Our classrooms are laboratories where students can be creative and succeed and fail as often as needed to improve.

On Campus – Offered in two terms per semester starting in January, May, August and October

Online – Offered in two terms per semester starting in January, March, May, July, August and October

Core MBA courses are offered online or on campus; remaining concentration courses are offered exclusively online.


Individual Leadership & Influence (LDR 531) – Course focus will be on learning to make a difference as a leader. Discussion and utilization of practical principles of leadership with an emphasis on integrating theory and practice are included. Students will work to create a model and set of related perspectives about how one can become a better leader of one’s self as well as the organization.

Leadership Behavior & Change Dynamics (LDR 610)  – The course explores the nature and steps in negotiation strategies for conflict/dispute resolution, labor/management relations and mediation. In addition, the student evaluates interpersonal skills in order to achieve positive outcomes.

Systems Thinking & Innovative Teamwork (LDR 611) – An analysis of organizational leadership and the practice of leading and managing corporations and small businesses and nonprofit associations or governmental agencies. The intellectual, psychological, political and social sources of leadership are studied for their theoretical foundation and practical application. The concepts of transformational and transactional leadership are continually examined and students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills through case analysis, role development and research projects.

Most of our graduates in the MBA leadership concentration are working professionals in significant positions within their companies. This degree enhances their current job duties and/or sets them up for promotions within or outside their current companies.

where tu grads have worked
  • 3M
  • Google
  • Halliburton
  • IBM
  • Pfizer
  • Vodaphone
what is leadership and change?

Leadership and change refers to sharpening an employee’s vision, raising their performance to a higher standard and building them up to feel they can do anything. Collectively, leadership and change is a proactive approach to management where change is viewed as an opportunity for growth and improvement of an organization and its employees. Those who focus on leadership and change take a people-centric approach to management.

what is an mba in leadership and change?

An MBA in leadership and change provides students with a comprehensive organizational perspective, combined with real-world applications. Students will understand ethical decision making, interdependence, inclusion, global perspective and technology, and take courses focused on individual leadership, behavior and change dynamics, systems thinking, negotiations and conflict resolution.

what can i do with an mba in leadership and change?

With an MBA in leadership and change, you will be qualified for a variety of career opportunities, including mid and upper-level leadership positions in both small and large organizations in business, government, non-profit organizations and more.

MBA Leadership & Change Program Requirements

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“Going back to school was one of the best decisions I made. Tiffin’s MBA program helped broaden my worldview of business and leadership. Leadership is more than a position, it is a lifelong journey and a process of influence. Tiffin’s MBA program is a program that I would recommend to those who are looking to begin their leadership journey. Tiffin’s MBA program has put me on the right track to evolve into the leader I envision myself being.”

Kyle Jackson
MBA in Leadership & Change
Class of 2020