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Master of Education

We tailor our programs to incorporate hands-on training from
faculty members who have first-hand experience in their fields.

Classes Start January 14, 2019
Classes Start Six Times Per Year For Ultimate Flexibility

Tiffin University’s Master of Education degree program helps students lay the groundwork for real development in education sector career paths. You’ll have the opportunity to acquire a versatile, comprehensive skill set pertaining to the latest educational practices and principles, including curricula development, academic administration, classroom instruction, campus security and more.

If you’re ready to move your career ahead, it’s time to learn more about a convenient, affordable online Master of Education at Tiffin University.

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Explore our online Master of Education degree programs below.

Master of Education Degree Programs

Students Studying at Modern Classroom

Education Technology Management

Improve and accelerate learning

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administrator speaking at event

Higher Education Administration

Move into management

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paint brush in oil paint

Teaching Art

Interpret and evaluate all forms of visual media

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covering an event with a video camera

Teaching Communication

Understand 21st century media practices

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piles of books on table over blurred library background.

Teaching English

Develop creative potential and move forward

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michelle meadows headshot
Faculty Spotlight

Michelle Meadows

Assistant Professor of Education, Chair of the Masters in Education program

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