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Credit for Prior Learning

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At Tiffin University, we believe that learning occurs both inside and outside of the classroom. Our Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) process rewards you for your achievements, helps to reduce your number of required courses, and helps you progress toward a Bachelor’s Degree faster, saving you time and money. See below to find out more.

What is Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)?

CPL is college credit that can be awarded toward a Bachelor’s Degree based on earned Certifications or Licenses, successful completion of standardized exams, military service, or even skills and knowledge you have acquired as part of your career or life experiences.

CPL credit can be awarded toward a bachelor’s degree in many different ways, including:

  • Credit By Exam for successful completion of standardized tests (like CLEP or AP).
  • Credit for Industry Certifications and Licenses (like CompTIA A+ or IPMA) you have earned. Check out these examples.
  • Credit for Military and Public Safety Training and Service (like JST or OPOTA) you have completed. Check out these examples.
  • Waiving the Internship Requirement in light of relevant professional experience.
  • Experiential Learning Credit where your work experiences and skills may qualify you for credit for courses in your major or open elective courses. (3 credit hours for every 5 years of applicable experience).
  • Credit for Workshops and Training Attendance for successful completion of significant formal training(s) or workshop(s). One elective course (3-credits) can be awarded for every 120 Continuing Education Units (workshop/training hours).

The evaluation of your materials is free for anyone who has been accepted to attend TU. If your application for credit is approved and you elect to accept the credit, there is a transcription fee of $150 per course.

Note: There is no charge for credit awarded for Military service reflected on the Joint Services Transcript.

Tiffin University’s Credit for Prior Learning process not only saves you money, but it can help you complete your bachelor’s degree faster.

For example, if your CPL portfolio is awarded 3 courses of credit, you would benefit from nearly $4,000 in tuition savings, and your time to degree would be shortened by 4 months or more.

To apply for CPL credit, review and follow the instructions on the CPL Step-by-step page thoroughly to ensure your Credit for Prior Learning portfolio maximizes your potential benefits toward a bachelor’s degree.

CPL Step-by-Step

If you have questions about the Credit for Prior Learning process contact the CPL team at cpl@tiffin.edu or Schedule a Consultation


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