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Dr. Bonnie Tiell Explains Why You Should Choose Tiffin University’s MBA Program

Dr. Bonnie Tiell explains why you should choose Tiffin University’s MBA program.

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Video Transcript:

The MBA program is primarily for individuals that are already in the business that want to advance that want to take their current positions and either advance within their particular company or move to another company. The number one reason individuals should take courses at Tiffin University in the MBA program is because of the people that they’re gonna be working with. We have individuals with a great amount of experience in the business sectors.

What we’re doing on campus is remarkable, but we’re able to take that experience in the online world. We create virtual classroom and make meaningful connections with our students. We focus a lot on leadership skills, on critical decision making, on analytics. The MBA program helps them to acquire the competencies necessary to feel as though they have the confidence to run their organizations.

What students should expect from their Tiffin University MBA experience is professionalism, courtesy, respect — and we’re here to help them to reach their dreams.