Program Overview

Bachelor of Criminal Justice

Prepare to meet current and future criminal justice and social science challenges
in a complex and diverse world

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Tiffin University’s Bachelor of Criminal Justice program was created to help students acquire job-relevant skills and expertise in a timely manner. In fact, students with approximately two years or more of prior college credit can complete a Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree in as little as 18 months through our online program. Also, we offer faculty members whose professional experience fills in the blanks between classroom learning and practical application, which means our students graduate with the hands-on competencies they need to advance their careers.

If you’re ready to move your career ahead, it’s time to learn more about a convenient, affordable online Bachelor of Criminal Justice at Tiffin University. 

Explore our online, on-campus and off-campus BCJ programs below.

Bachelor of CRIMINAL JUSTICE Programs

counselor discussing issues with young woman

BCJ Corrections

Prepare for a career advocating for juveniles to managing criminals and ensuring their safety

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silhouette of people in airport

BCJ Homeland Security

Understand homeland security issues and challenges in an ever-evolving environment

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statue of lady justice

BCJ Justice Administration

Focus on law enforcement, public administration and multicultural issues facing today’s leaders

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close up of police car lights

BCJ Law Enforcement

Learn U.S. law enforcement history, management and practices to prepare to keep citizens safe

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Faculty Spotlight

Lacy Ellis, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor & Chair for Criminal Justice Graduate Programs / Internship Coordinator

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