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What Is International Business?

Pursue a World of Opportunities

International business, which involves cross-border commerce and other transactions between companies and governments, has been around for centuries. But as technology advances, trade barriers come down and competition heats up, the demand for people who know how to operate in a global economy is stronger than ever.

The interesting thing about international business is that it requires more than traditional business skills. People in this field often travel to or live in other countries and must understand diverse cultures, economies, laws and business practices. International business can be a fascinating and challenging career journey.

International Business Jobs

An MBA in international business opens up a world of career possibilities – literally. Multinational companies, governments and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) all need experts in international trade, investment, management, communications, marketing and/or finance. This list of jobs for people who study in international business programs is just the beginning; there are many more in practically every industry.

  • Business development
    • Director of international growth
    • International business analyst
  • Global trade, sales and marketing
    • Business engagement director
    • Global account manager
    • International market coordinator
    • International sales director
    • International trade specialist
    • Trade and customs manager
  • Global purchasing and logistics
    • Logistics analyst
    • Global product manager
    • Import/export specialist
    • International pricing analyst
  • Human resources
    • International benefits analyst
    • International traveling recruiter
  • International banking and finance
    • Financial analyst
    • Foreign banking compliance officer
  • International travel and communications
    • Communications officer
    • Global internal communication specialist
    • Interpreter
    • Publications editor
  • Economic development/international relief
    • Education specialist
    • Finance director
    • Global relations officer
    • Humanitarian program manager

Why Major in International Business?

Earning an international business MBA equips you with both broad business knowledge and specialized skills needed in our increasingly globalized world. Completing the international business program at Tiffin University could give you these perks in your career and your life:

Travel. If the idea of working or even living overseas appeals to you, international business may be just the ticket.

Professional growth. The rapid expansion of international trade, foreign investment opportunities and lucrative new markets means there will be more opportunities to move up and around in your career. 

Cultural diversity. Working with people from other backgrounds and cultures can be energizing, enlightening and lead to better decisions and business results. Good for you, good for your company.    

Global mindset. A big-picture view of the world is essential in business today and will only increase in importance as globalization brings us closer together. This perspective will benefit you wherever you go.

Tiffin University’s MBA with a concentration in international business is a great way to prepare for a dynamic, high-growth career. Our flexible online program consists of two seven-week terms per semester starting in January, March, May, July, August and October. Find out more today; the world is waiting!


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