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Bachelor of Business Administration

Manufacturing Management

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If you like making and building things, manufacturing may be the career for you. Few things can match the satisfaction of knowing that at the end of the day you have been instrumental in creating something enduring. Manufacturing managers must bring a wide scope of skills to today’s manufacturing environment. Critical thinking and communication skills, an aptitude for technology and a passion for excellence – these are the attributes that large and small manufacturing firms value. These are the attributes you’ll develop with a degree in manufacturing management from TU.

Manufacturers of all sizes are facing new challenges in the current economy: a global market, condensed product life cycles and demand for high-quality products. They are meeting these challenges with computerized equipment, new organizational structures and efficient manufacturing technology.

The BBA in Manufacturing Management will prepare you to assume leadership roles and supervisory roles in the management of advanced manufacturing technology. After completing the program, you will have the technical foundation, along with management and other soft skills needed, to be an effective and productive manufacturing leader. You will also have the opportunity to earn a number of industry certifications.

A Practical, Professional Education
  • The generalist approach of the manufacturing management program facilitates career flexibility and creates a broader appeal for employers.
  • The program is easily paired with other majors or a minor to customize your appeal to future employers.
  • Internship experiences are available across a broad range of industry sectors.
  • Students completing the manufacturing management program have the opportunity to earn a number of industry certifications.
  • Managerial positions, especially those in manufacturing, tend to pay well.
  • The TU School of Business is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).
  • On a national standardized test by Peregrine, in the area of Management, Tiffin University School of Business students scored on average 13.57 percentage points higher as compared with students from ACBSP schools.
BBA to MBA Program

This accelerated pathway allows you to take classes that count as dual credit towards both your BBA and MBA degrees, giving you the ability to earn a bachelor’s and master’s in just five years, saving you both time and money. Learn about our MBA programs.

As a manufacturing management major, you’ll not only focus on manufacturing management principles and skills, but you’ll also have the opportunity through our partner institution, Terra State Community College, to study specific areas of manufacturing technology as well as earn industry certifications, including Integrated Manufacturing (Robotics), Advanced Manufacturing, Manufacturing Foundations and Electronics. Our manufacturing program also includes multiple courses in psychology and communication, areas of study that prove invaluable in ensuring managerial success.

A Practical, Professional Education
  • Program faculty bring years of experience in direct labor supervision, salaried personnel administration and quality engineering.
  • Faculty experience includes direct involvement with the quality revitalization of the U.S. auto industry.
  • You’ll participate in current, real-world case analyses to learn best practices in today’s manufacturing management.
  • You’ll participate in a required internship as part of your program, giving you a hands-on, real-world understanding of the field.
  • The inherently diverse nature of TU’s student population will help teach you to work effectively with people of dissimilar backgrounds in group and team activities.

In the manufacturing management program, you’ll engage in classroom discussions and projects that are relevant to today’s manufacturing issues and processes. Professors spur classroom engagement with current, real-world examples that illustrate course concepts. “Canned” cases are never used for analysis; rather, student case analyses are always based on some current event or circumstance in the business world.

Students also actively engage in the capstone Organizational Strategy course, where we implement the Business Strategy Game. This management simulation, that is utilized by hundreds of undergrad and graduate institutions worldwide, requires student teams to engage in the process of planning and operating all aspects of an athletic footwear business. It is the most popular and sophisticated business simulation game on the market. Because it is used globally, it allows the students to compare their performance with that of other student teams around the world.


On Campus – Offered in a 15-week semester format with start dates of January and August

Online – Offered in two terms per semester starting in January, March, May, July, August and October


Supply Chain Management (MGT221) – This course is an overview of supply chain management and will briefly cover the topics of procurement, lean organizations, Total Quality Management, logistics and materials management.

Operations Management (MGT321) – This course deals with the managerial functions directly related to the production and delivery of goods and services. Topics covered include manufacturing and service organizations, facility location and layout, MRP, forecasting, scheduling, quality assurance and project management.

Quality Management (MGT356) – A study of Quality Management principles and philosophy including the ideas of Deming, Juran and Crosby, employee involvement, Kaizen, statistical process control and Six Sigma.

Lean Organizations (MGT455) – The application of just-in-time principles throughout the supply chain, including how to define and eliminate waste; the utilization of information in lieu of inventory; Pull versus Push systems; Kanban signaling and material coordination; and an in-depth look at the Toyota Production System.

Manufacturing management is a challenging and rewarding career field, with a growing availability of jobs. Managerial positions, especially those in manufacturing, tend to pay well, and the field offers a high degree of career advancement opportunities.

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, manufacturers in Ohio account for 16.6% of the total output in the state, employing 12.56% of the workforce. There are over 12,500 manufacturers in Ohio, employing 699,000 workers.

  • Business Manager Over Logistics
  • Director of Manufacturing Technology
  • First-Line Supervisor
  • Industrial Production Manager/Director
  • Manufacturing Management Associate
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Operations Manager/Director
  • Procurement Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Project Coordinator/Project Manager
  • Purchasing Agent and Warehouse Manager
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Supply Chain Planner
what is manufacturing management?

Manufacturing management refers to the oversight of the production of a manufacturing facility. Manufacturing managers plan, schedule and direct the layout of equipment and flow of materials within a facility. Responsibilities include ensuring that manufacturing volume, performance and quality goals are met.

what is a bachelor’s in manufacturing management?

A bachelor’s in manufacturing management prepares students to assume leadership roles and supervisory roles in the management of advanced manufacturing technology. Graduates will have the technical foundation, along with management and other soft skills needed, to be effective and productive manufacturing leaders.

what can i do with a degree in manufacturing management?

With a degree in manufacturing management, you will be qualified for a variety of career opportunities, including business manager, director of manufacturing technology, industrial production manager, manufacturing management associate, manufacturing manager, operations manager, procurement manager, product manager, purchasing agent, quality assurance engineer, supply chain manager and more

BBA Manufacturing Management Program Requirements


“Tiffin changed my overall expectations of higher education. I attended a community college before I transferred to Tiffin and I could not have made a better choice. Tiffin was structured and that was something I needed to succeed in class… The instructors within the program were wonderful, and very understanding that we all had ‘adult’ lives outside of class.”

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