CPL Step-by-Step

To maximize your potential CPL credit and to ensure a smooth process, be sure to carefully review and follow the steps below. If you have questions, contact the CPL team at cpl@tiffin.edu.

All submissions for Credit for Prior Learning require an updated resume. Make sure your resume clearly indicates:

  • Job title(s)
  • Company name(s)
  • Start/End Dates of work
  • Description of relevant activities performed on the job

Need help writing your resume? Check out these resources.

As part of the CPL process, you will be asked to submit documentation that supports your request. Make sure you have all of your supporting documents handy to upload into the system.

  • If you are applying for Credit by Exam this will include official test results or transcripts.
  • If you are applying for Credit for Industry Certifications or Licenses (like A+ or OPOTA) you have earned, this would be an electronic copy of the actual certificate earned.

Depending on the credit you are applying for, the contents of your portfolio may differ.

Internship Waiver

  • If you are applying for a waiver of the internship requirement:
    • Compose a brief letter describing how your professional experience satisfies the learning objectives of the internship. Be sure to include a reference from the specific place(s) of employment who can confirm your statements.


Experiential Learning

  • If you are applying for Experiential Learning credit based on your relevant professional experience:
    • Create an Experiential Learning petition (review the Experiential Learning Credit page for detailed instructions).
    • Note: You may wish to speak with your advisor or admissions counselor to be sure to maximize your benefits before submitting.

View Experiential Learning Credit page

Professional Workshops and Trainings

  • If you are applying for credit for attendance to Professional Workshops and Trainings, create a Workshops and Trainings Packet by using this handy CEU Worksheet to calculate your hours and attaching appropriate Continuing Education Units (CEU) documentation (e.g., certificates, letters of completion, etc.).
    • Note: You can earn credit for one open elective course for every 120 Continuing Education Units (workshop/training hours).

View CEU Worksheet

Complete the CPL Portfolio Cover Sheet, and attach your supporting documentation in the following order to create one document.

Note: Do not include your Credit by Exam or Credit for Industry Certifications or Licenses documents in the portfolio, these will be uploaded to Credit Predictor Pro separately.

Use your TU email to create an account and submit your materials to Credit Predictor Pro

Credit Predictor Pro