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7 Irrefutable Reasons to Pursue Your MBA at Tiffin University

Established in 1888, Tiffin University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission; in addition, its School of Business is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs and by the prestigious European Council for Business Education. Besides its impressive accreditation, thousands of students choose TU for their MBA program for other diverse reasons. Some like the option of being able to attend classes in person or complete their graduate studies online. Others love the fact that a GRE is not required to gain acceptance into the MBA program. Here are seven of the most popular reasons TU is the college of choice for MBA candidates:

1. It’s financially doable.

Yes, the ol’ proverb: Where there’s a will, there’s a way applies to earning your MBA as well. If you have the desire, commitment, and passion to earn your MBA at Tiffin University, you’ll find a way (and we’ll help you) pay for that priceless degree. Whether your current employer offers tuition reimbursement to its employees who pursue formal degrees, you’re able to pay for the program out-of-pocket, or you opt to embrace our financial aid opportunities (like ninety percent of other Tiffin University students), TU’s tuition is affordable. Our experienced Financial Aid advisors will help you through that process.

2. It’s logistically doable.

Whether you pursue your Tiffin University MBA online, or you opt to attend classes at Tiffin’s beautifully landscaped 130-acre campus in Tiffin, Ohio or even Bucharest, Romania, you can get there from wherever you are. With the online option and with physical locations from which to choose, it’s no longer a question of will you be able to get to your classes on time, but rather – which pathway do you want to traverse to get there? While there are many benefits to attending classes in person at TU’s campus, today’s non-traditional adult learner typically readily embraces the convenience of “attending” class at 2 in the morning — in PJs, with a bottomless pot of coffee brewing nearby, with your dog snoozing at your side, and your kids sound asleep. In addition to the comfort and convenience of pursuing your TU MBA online, you’ll never have to be stressed out about driving through a winter snowstorm to get home from class or worry about leaving your pets home alone in the evening (it’s hard enough leaving them home alone during the day while you’re at work).

3. Its instructors have been there and done that.

There are a lot of kudos to bestow to someone who has gone through the rigorous process of earning a degree. That’s a significant feat. There is also a lot to be celebrated for an individual who has hands-on, real-world, business experience in a field that he or she loves. Combine the two, however– a formal advanced academic degree plus years of experience doing – and you’ve got ninety-nine percent of the instructors at Tiffin University who will be teaching and guiding you through your MBA coursework. And that’s a Really. Big. Deal.

Taking a graduate-level marketing course that is taught by someone who has never actually held a position in marketing cannot compare to taking an MBA course taught by someone who has years of successful experience actually working in marketing. Those behind-the-wizard’s-curtain anecdotes, insights, and scary stories about marketing projects that almost went awry or how a company won back the account of a client who was about to go to another marketing agency can only be shared in their entirety by someone who has been there. You can’t get that from a book. Further, your instructors use their professional experiences to help you find internships, jobs, and other real-world experiences en route to actualizing your professional goals. In addition, having an online, experienced instructor that you can turn to and contact 24/7 with your questions, comments, and thoughts, help to make the whole learning process truly individualized.

4. Its wall-less classrooms are wonderfully small.

While typically you might expect (and perhaps experienced) traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms to have anywhere between 20 and 50 students in one lecture hall or classroom environment, that’s not the case with TU’s online MBA program. The courses are purposefully scheduled and orchestrated to have between just 10 and 15 students enrolled at one time. This small, intimate class size makes it a fantastic learning environment. You’re able to take the time to read each of your peer’s posts and get to know each classmate on a more personal, real level. Other online programs, in fact, have 25+ students enrolled in one course. That instantly makes it impossible for you to remember each student’s previous posts and connect with all of them at a meaningful level. In addition, while you won’t always have all the same peers in all your courses, you will occasionally see familiar “faces” in more than one course – enabling you to continue networking and building your academic, personal, and professional relationships further.

5. Its course load is flexible.

Whether at a turtle’s pace or that of a hare – both types of students will finish the race as winners. TU’s online MBA program enables you to decide just how slowly or how swiftly you want to traverse the path to your graduate degree (as long as you finish the entire graduate program within 6 years from your start date!). Some students prefer to take just one class a time. There are lots of benefits to going this route. You get to devote more time to just one course’s reading materials, your peers’ posts, and the completion of your weekly assignments. It makes it easier to stay organized, to print and safeguard relevant articles, and to delve deeper into a topic discussed in the course. When you opt to take two courses at a time, you finish the program in half the time. With this path, however you have the added pressure of meeting two deadlines for everything – every week. That may prove to be a challenge if you are also working full time, have a family that depends on you to be “present” for lots of family activities, and/or want to maintain some semblance of a personal life. Nonetheless, it can be done and the choice is up to you.

6. It has 8 areas of concentration.

When you choose TU for your MBA program, you don’t have to focus on “business” as your area of concentration! TU offers 10 distinctly-different areas of focus.

  • The Data Analytics Concentration focuses on self-actualization of a higher learning level and provides specialized training for a technological business environment.
  • The Finance Concentration prepares you to work in financial management independently or for a corporation, bank, securities firm, nonprofit organization, or investment agency.
  • The Healthcare Administration Concentration focuses on healthcare management systems, decision-making tools, technologies, financial management, referral systems, and healthcare law and ethics.
  • The Human Resource Management Concentration provides exposure to theories and applications used in acquiring, developing, and managing employees.
  • The International Business Concentration focuses on international trade theories and agreements, global financial markets, and the financial skills required to manage companies engaged in international business.
  • The Leadership Concentration focuses on leadership characteristics, decision-making skills, and managerial skills such as negotiating, conflict resolution, organizational and group performance, and leading organizational change.
  • The Marketing Concentration focuses on strategic brand and global marketing, information systems, field analysis, international marketing, negotiating sponsorships, and endorsement deals.
  • Finally, the Sports Management Concentration includes an awesome 200-hour mentorship that provides practical experience with sport franchises, athletic departments, organizations, agencies, and facilities with links to Tiffin University.

Phew. Whoever said an MBA was just about “business as usual?!” Not TU!

7. It has six start dates.

On your mark, get set, go – in January, March, May, July, August or October! TU offers six different months when you can start your MBA program. The leaders at TU understand that it’s very rare that a potential grad student makes the decision to pursue a degree at the exact same time the program commences – typically August or September. To eliminate that hurdle, TU gives its students the opportunity to enroll in their MBA program during six different months of the year. It’s a unique and student-friendly benefit of choosing TU. As a result, new students enroll in MBA programs throughout various seasons of the year and not just in the fall.

Whatever reason(s) for choosing TU for your MBA program, the fact remains that you will graduate from a highly-respected, accredited university with the knowledge, confidence, and understanding needed to excel in your job and find your way to your dream career.

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