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Why Summer is a Great Season to Kickstart Your Degree

Summertime brings cookouts, vacations and that carefree feeling that comes with warmer weather and longer days. As the saying goes, in summertime “the living is easy.” However, for many adult college students, summer offers even more opportunity to push forward and take advantage of the momentum that will help them earn a degree.

The summer session at Tiffin University is right around the corner (classes begin May 9 and June 27). If you’ve been considering whether enrolling online is right for you, here are four reasons that will motivate you to stay the course and register today.

Earn your Degree Faster

While a break can be tempting, starting your coursework in the summer gives you the opportunity to earn your degree in a shorter amount of time than you would in a degree program that starts in the fall. Not only does this push you forward to the career you’re pursuing, it shows current and future employers you are a driven and hardworking candidate.

Learn From Wherever You Are

Even if you spring for that beach trip, your coursework can continue from wherever you are, thanks to Tiffin University’s flexible online learning options. If you have an internet connection, you have a link to the classroom that lets you stay on top of assignments and course requirements.

Get a Head Start

Tiffin University’s online courses are tailored to adult learners who have busy schedules. However, if your family schedule or workload is typically less hectic during the summer, it’s a great opportunity to incorporate your degree into your schedule and develop good study habits before life gets busier in the fall. If you’re already a student, resist the urge to take the summer off. Instead, use it to maintain your momentum and finish your degree even sooner than expected.

Enroll with Less Stress

With most students choosing to wait until fall, you can take advantage of a less crowded learning environment in the summer. If it’s been a long time since you’ve been a student, Tiffin University’s small class sizes, paired with hands-on academic guidance, make it easy for you to get into the routine of “back to school.”

Though enrollment is open year-round, summer is a great season to start – or continue – earning your degree. As most busy adults can confirm, time moves quickly and before you know it, the enrollment deadline will be here.

Get a jump start on the season by getting connected to Tiffin University’s admissions office to learn more about summer semester offerings and what you need to apply.

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