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What Is Sports Management?

Score Big in Your Career and Your Life

Sports in North America is big business. Revenue from media rights, ticket sales, sponsorships and licensed merchandise is expected to reach almost $72 billion in 2018, and top $78 billion in 2021.1 We just can’t get enough sports, which means an MBA in sports management could be your ticket to the big-time.

Sports management is basically the business side of the sports industry. Jobs can run the gamut from fundraising to personnel, and from community rec centers to the major leagues. An MBA in sports management can help prepare you for the role and organization best suited to your skills and passions.

Sports Management Jobs

There are literally dozens of jobs in sports management. Granted, not all of them require a sports management MBA, but an advanced degree is a great asset no matter what career path you follow. Here’s a small sampling of the types of organizations that look for people with sports management education, and the jobs they might offer:

  • Major or minor league teams
    • Marketing director
    • Public relations director
    • Professional scout
    • Sponsorship coordinator
    • Business development director
    • Human resources director
    • Finance director
    • Statistical analyst
    • Coach
  • Sports facilities
    • General manager
    • Field maintenance director
    • Director of ticket operations
    • Sports information director
    • Director of stadium operations
    • Promotions director
    • Fitness center manager
    • Corporate fitness director
    • Recreation director
  • Talent agencies
    • Athlete representative/agent
    • Publicist
  • Public relations and marketing firms
    • Account director
    • Event director
  • Sports broadcasting firms
    • Announcer
    • Analyst
    • Advertising sales manager
  • Colleges and universities
    • Fundraising director
    • Athletic director

Why Major in Sports Management?

We’ve already mentioned how fast the sports industry in North America is growing, which could mean more jobs. And, as the list above shows, a sports management MBA opens the door to wide variety of career options. So why else should you consider a sports management program?

Money. There are too many sports marketing jobs to show salaries for them all, but to give you an idea, the mean annual salary for sports agents is about $95,000; marketing managers, $116,000;2 and university athletic directors, $74,000.3

Passion. If you love sports but don’t quite have what it takes to make the team roster, sports management is a great way to parlay your passion into a fulfilling career.

Inspiration. Whether you work at the pro, collegiate or amateur level, sports is filled with people striving to be the best at something they love.

Excitement. Nothing against more traditional business careers, but let’s face it: sports is a fast-paced, high-energy and often high-profile world where rewards are substantial.

The best sports management MBA programs are a combination of classroom or online studies and practical experience with real-world sports professionals and organizations. The Tiffin University MBA in Sports Management, for example, includes a 200-hour online mentorship with a seasoned industry pro, such as a sports agent, broadcaster, personnel director, promotions director or player representative. The knowledge and insights you gain at Tiffin will lay the foundation for a lucrative, exciting career in sports management.

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