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The New World of Manufacturing

Manufacturing changed dramatically in the last two decades, as the market went global, customers started demanding better quality and automation revolutionized processes. Today, companies of every size face challenges they couldn’t have imagined a few years ago. More than ever, they need managers with new, more advanced skills who can guide them through strategic decisions and everyday operations to ensure success.

Tiffin University is excited to introduce the Bachelor of Business Administration in Manufacturing Management degree program to help prepare you for these valued leadership roles. This new program emphasizes supply chain management, operations management, quality management and lean organizations. You’ll develop a solid aptitude for manufacturing technology; learn about new organizational structures and efficient production; and strengthen your critical thinking, communication and other soft skills. You can also earn industry certifications including Computer Integrated Manufacturing (Robotics), Advanced Manufacturing, Manufacturing Foundations and Electronics.

Career Outlook:
According to the National Association of Manufacturers, manufacturers in Ohio account for 16.6% of the total output in the state, employing 12.56% of the workforce. Total output for manufacturing was $112.24 billion dollars in 2018. There are over 12,500 manufacturers in Ohio, employing 699,000 workers, with an average compensation of $74,679.

A degree in manufacturing management can open the door to a wide range of positions such as manufacturing technology director, industrial production manager, operations director and procurement manager. Find out more about these exciting opportunities and apply today.

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