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Student Centered, Student Driven

If you know anything about Tiffin University, you know we’re all about transforming lives through education. That means we must keep transforming ourselves as well, which is why we redesigned our online courses to be more dynamic, interactive and supportive. This new approach to online teaching and learning, available to newly enrolled students, incorporates students’ feedback, more resources, new ways to connect and other improvements to maximize success.

Our online programs are “student centered and student driven.” This means we design our courses around you. We want you to have a voice and a stake in your learning, so we give you multiple ways and opportunities to evaluate your online classes, tell us about your experiences and ask questions. We use your feedback to revise and improve our programs to give you the best education geared to your needs and preferences.

We believe every Tiffin University student can succeed if they give the time, effort and commitment necessary. We’re not saying the coursework is easy. In fact, many students say online courses take more work than in-person classes because of the compressed schedule. Not to worry. Our dedicated team of academic advisors and technical support professionals are here to help you all along the way. We truly want you to reach your full potential and we do all we can to help you achieve your educational goals and succeed in the real world.

We’re glad you chose Tiffin University. We hope the improvements we’re making will serve you well as you pursue your dreams and become your best.

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