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Learn to Lead

You’ve probably heard the old saying that great leaders are born, not made. Research says otherwise, with psychologists estimating that leadership is about one-third born and two-thirds made. That’s because it takes very specific skills to lead, motivate and direct people, especially in today’s diverse, global business environment.

A great way to develop these skills and move your career forward is with a Bachelor of Arts in Workplace Leadership from Tiffin University. This new, transfer-friendly online degree program teaches interpersonal communication, strategic business planning, delegation, cultural intelligence, team building, change management and other skills that employers look for when hiring or promoting employees to leadership positions. Making TU’s program even more relevant to today’s workplace is our focus on research techniques, critical thinking, problem solving, multimodal communication and professional networking, all from multiple cultural perspectives.

Organizations in every industry need people to lead at all levels, from functional teams to the executive suite. Take the first step to becoming a leader by earning a workplace leadership degree from TU. Find out more and apply today.

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