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Learn How We Support Our Online Students from Alison Havrilla, Director for Enrollment Management

Ali Havrilla, Director for Enrollment Management, tells us about the admissions and advising support for Tiffin University online and extended learning students.

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TU Enrollment Team

Video Transcript:

The role of our advising team here at Tiffin University is to be the point person for each student as they begin their program. During that time, those advisers give each student a personalized and detailed look at their program and how they want to advance to complete their degree. Each student has a unique way that they progress throughout their program. Sometimes it’s a full-time student or part time student and some students are working professionals and some have families. We make sure that during that time, each adviser and admissions counselor has that personal touch. So that they’re able to help navigate those students throughout their program.

Each one of our academic advisers and our admissions counselors can be contacted directly with any of our students questions or concerns. So our advisers are the ideal picture of student advocates and they are each student’s biggest cheerleaders so that they know that they are navigating the program successfully. I like to help individuals feel impactful and I like them to know that they can make a change. That what they do really does impact somebody else.

I’m really proud to be a part of this team because we know that we’re impacting these student lives. We can watch all of these students progress throughout their programs and ultimately walk across the stage excited about where they are at their place in their life.