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Common Excuses We Hear From Adult Learners – Part II

In Part I of this post, we listed some of the reasons (and excuses) people use to not go back to school, and how Tiffin University can overcome the barriers. Here are a few more reasons we hear most often and what we tell prospective students about how we can help.

  • I’m waiting until I get my finances in order. We don’t blame you. It’s smart to confirm your employer’s tuition reimbursement policy, apply for federal financial aid or secure a loan from a family member. Just don’t get derailed. Talk to a Tiffin University admissions counselor about what you can do in the meantime to get ready to enroll for online classes.
  • Between my job and my family, I don’t have time for school. Many Tiffin University students juggle full- or part-time jobs, families and other obligations. That’s the beauty of pursuing a degree online. We give you the flexibility, technology and support to attend class and study when it works best for you and your life.
  • I’m not sure about the online class format. Going to school online offers the ultimate in flexibility. Tiffin University’s online classes are especially student-friendly and we don’t require you to log in a minimum number of times. Go to our website to view a demo of the online platform and learn more about online learning.
  • The program doesn’t offer what I need. Tiffin University online programs are designed to help you develop real-world competencies and credentials. A Tiffin University admissions counselor can help you find the right program to meet your goals.
  • I’ve got health issues. Health definitely comes first and we never recommend students take on more than they can realistically handle. Before you close the door, however, let a Tiffin University admissions counselor explain how our online programs work and see if studying from home, on your schedule, makes sense for you.  
  • I have a vacation planned. Good for you! We’re all for vacations—and we’ll be here when you get back. Tiffin University online classes start every January, March, May, July, August and October, so you’ve got plenty of options to choose from.
  • I want to interact with my professors. At Tiffin University, online doesn’t mean out of touch. Our classes are small (usually 10-15 students), so our professors have time to communicate with students via email, phone and discussion forums and share their in-depth knowledge and real-world experience.

Did we cover the reason you’re not going back to school? Check out Part I of this post to see additional answers there, or skip right to the most important step: contact a Tiffin University admissions counselor to find out more and apply!

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