Stasia Huth-Fretz

Online Academic Advisor

stasia huth-fretz
Degrees & Certificates

Bachelor of Education, Heidelberg University



Ever since I was a little girl, I have always liked education. I would teach my sister with old 2nd grade workbooks when she was only five years old. Following that passion led me towards pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Heidelberg University.

I enjoy helping people succeed, advising and comforting them when they struggle and cheering them on when they thrive. This led me to wanting to become an Academic Advisor. Let me worry about the process so you can focus on your studies.

I grew up on a farm with horses and goats but now I live with my two dogs, Malik and Zeus as well as my four cats: Peaches, Bean, Stubby and Ivy. I lived in Republic when I was little and moved to Tiffin where I have grown roots. My favorite things to do are reading and writing, with a bit of art in between. I love playing tennis and singing along to music as I clean the house.