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megan jasso
Degrees & Certificates

Bachelor's in English, Western Michigan University


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I grew up a native Michigander, though I spent plenty of time in Ohio for most of my childhood. I spent many summers visiting Lake Erie and even spent three summers while in undergrad working (and having way too much fun) at Cedar Point. I graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor’s degree in English with an emphasis in creative writing in 2018, and moved to Ohio with my husband, Alex, shortly thereafter. Rather than jumping right into higher education, I started out with a much younger crowd – namely, elementary school kids. I spent the first four years after earning my degree being the orange-peeling, tear-wiping, and fun-loving supervisor for a before and after school enrichment program, and loved every second of getting to help mold and encourage little minds.

With the urge to constantly grow, I set out to experience something new. My biggest drive in life is to constantly be learning new things, and my enthusiasm for education at all levels caused me to fall in love with Tiffin University’s campus and mission of flexible and equitable education for all. I love talking to people and assisting others with their goals, so getting the opportunity to be placed with the admissions team here at TU as a Graduate Admissions Counselor was the perfect fit. Though I myself have not yet furthered my education at the graduate level, I hope that my passion and drive for helping others to achieve their educational goals and dreams will allow me to welcome you into the TU family!

When I’m not working – and even when I am – I am a loud and proud nerd. I’m a lover of literature and film, with my true passions lying mostly with the fantasy/science fiction genres, though I will always have a special place in my heart for anything horror related. I run a collaborative writing website in my free time, and play tabletop and video games as often as I can with my family and friends. I’m not a total hermit, however, and love being outdoors. I camp as often as I can, am a passionate amusement park fanatic, and spend a lot of time in my yard either hosting bonfires or playing with my two dogs, Oliver and Akali.