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Why is a Criminal Justice Degree in Contemporary Justice Important?

Today, U.S. citizens are demanding more accountability from law enforcement and the criminal justice system. As a result, it’s important that the people who are responsible for protecting and serving society understand the root causes of social issues and how contemporary teachings can help solve them. With police and the community working together, many social issues in law enforcement can begin to be resolved. You can help shape the future of criminal justice with a major in contemporary justice. This Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree program at Tiffin University helps prepare you for a career as a police officer, investigator or member of the intelligence community.

Law Enforcement and the Community

The rise of citizen journalists and social media has put the relationship between police and community on the national stage. This is a great example of one of the contemporary issues in criminal justice. When you major in contemporary justice at Tiffin University, you’ll learn best practices for interacting with the community and how law enforcement can use traditional and social media to its advantage. 

One recent example involves Kevin Kentish, a captain in Washington, D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department. Capt. Kentish used his proper training and the help of social media to help the New York Police Department catch a serial killer of homeless people. When police are properly trained, there’s no doubt that communities are safer.

The Future of Criminal Justice

three police officers at a table in trainingA criminal justice degree in contemporary justice speaks directly to the social issues in law enforcement and gives students a leg up in improving the future of criminal justice. Students who major in contemporary justice are taught to identify contemporary issues in criminal justice like improper police training or conflict between police and citizens, as well as use modern tools and approaches to find solutions.

Opening Up Opportunities in Law Enforcement

There are many reasons why you should major in contemporary justice, but perhaps one of the most important is having an opportunity to positively impact the future of criminal justice. This degree program not only gives you a full picture of what police training is like, but also provides room to improve on the standard. The ultimate goal in law enforcement is to have police and the community working together, and earning this degree proves that you understand the pathways to get there.

How Can You Earn a BCJ in Contemporary Justice?

Why should you major in criminal justice at Tiffin University? Understanding not only criminal patterns, but the social issues in law enforcement, will give you a competitive advantage as a law enforcement candidate. Our online degree program offers excellent flexibility and world-class instruction that prepares you for the real world. At TU, transfer credits are accepted, including those completed through the Ohio Police Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) certification, meaning you’ll save time and money as you earn your bachelor’s degree.

Learn more about Tiffin University’s Bachelor of Criminal Justice in contemporary justice on our program page, and contact us to receive more information on how you can begin your journey in understanding contemporary issues in criminal justice.

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