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Which Criminal Justice Major is Right for You?

Criminal justice isn’t only about catching lawbreakers and putting them in jail—it’s about understanding the basis of their behavior and researching ways to help make society safer. You might wonder what jobs you can get with a criminal justice degree. Whether you want to work as a beat officer on the corner or in the courtroom, Tiffin University’s online criminal justice programs will prepare you for a rewarding career protecting and serving your community. 

TU offers four online criminal justice programs at the undergraduate level including contemporary justice, criminal behavior, criminalistics, and homeland security and terrorism. Pursuing a criminal justice major means you can take your career as far as you want to.

Benefits of a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice

You may have a lot of questions as you consider which direction to take your studies—questions like what job in criminal justice is right for me? Or, is a criminal justice degree useful? The options are wide open in terms of what jobs a criminal justice degree can get and you’ll pick up a wide variety of skills as you study. 

Online criminal justice programs teach you the ins and outs of law enforcement and the court system. You’ll study the societal issues that lead to crime, learn how to analyze crime scene evidence and get trained on protecting our country and your community. No matter which criminal justice degree you pursue, you’ll be on the path to improving society while building a long-lasting career.

So you’re well-prepared for the working world, online criminal justice programs at Tiffin University include internship opportunities at the federal, state and local level as well as with nonprofit and private organizations.

What Does a Degree in Criminal Justice Look Like?

TU’s online criminal justice programs are designed to be flexible and affordable for adult learners. You can earn your degree entirely online, on campus or a combination of both. You can earn your degree on your schedule, whether you’re starting as a new student or transferring credits from another school. Students with approximately two years or more of college credit can complete TU’s online criminal justice program in as little as 18 months. 

Not everyone learns in the same way, and that’s why Tiffin University provides plenty of options.If you prefer to learn on your time, earning your degree online is a great way to manage a demanding schedule. And, if you thrive in a more traditional setting and live near Tiffin University, in-person classes are a good option. 

What you study goes beyond crime and punishment and into the wider world. As you study criminal justice, you’ll take classes that include an introduction to psychology, human anatomy, world history, sociology and more. 

What Types of Future Opportunities are Possible with a B.S. in Criminal Justice?

So now you may be wondering, if I study criminal justice, what careers can I pursue? There’s no shortage of what jobs you can get with a criminal justice degree, but here are a few examples of careers in this growing field.

Contemporary Justice

Studying contemporary justice builds a broad-based foundation of knowledge related to contemporary justice issues facing criminal justice practitioners and prepares you for a number of jobs in law enforcement—from a corrections officer to a caseworker, from fraud investigation to intelligence analysis and more. The salary range for this career is wide-ranging and depends on where you live and whether you’re working at the federal, state or local level. 

For instance, if you pursue a career as a criminal investigator, you can expect to work full-time and often around the clock since crime can happen any time of the day or night. The annual median salary for this job is over $83,000.

Criminal Behavior

Fully understanding criminal behavior—and how to prevent crime, predict future actions and assist in investigations—is the key to furthering your career in criminology. Studying criminal behavior prepares you for a wide variety of jobs in law enforcement—from corrections officer to courthouse administration, from police officer to prison guard and more. The salary is wide-ranging, and again depends on where you live and whether your position is at the federal, state or local level. For example, if you pursue a career as a corrections officer or jailer, the annual median salary for this job can be over $47,000.


Studying criminalistics gives you insight into the science of crimes. With this criminal justice degree, you could go on to become an intelligence analyst, corrections officer, corporate security agent or even a federal special agent. 

Fraud investigation is an example of what jobs a criminal justice degree can get. Depending on which state you live in, you may find licensing requirements before you can get to work. Because you’d often be dealing with people who aren’t available during regular weekday business hours, you might find your work schedule is varied from the  early mornings into the nights and weekends. The average median salary for investigators working in the federal government is $81,890, while those working for insurance carriers directly earn about $64,710 annually.

Homeland Security and Terrorism

If you want to work in homeland security and terrorism, you’ll be prepared to become a border patrol agent, U.S. secret service officer or member of the Federal Bureau of  Investigations—just a few examples of jobs for criminal justice majors. 

Say you want to become an FBI agent. In addition to completing online criminal justice   programs, you’d undergo extensive training at a Federal Law Enforcement Training  Center. You’d also be expected to work at least 50 hours a week and would be on call  24/7. Working a demanding schedule pays off though because the annual median salary  at the federal level is about $67,731.

How to Earn an Online Degree in Criminal Justice

Is a criminal justice degree useful? Absolutely. You’ll have an edge on the competition with an advanced degree and will be well-prepared as you enter the field. Be part of a career that’s in high demand by earning your degree in TU’s flexible learning environment.  

There‘s no shortage of what jobs a criminal justice degree can get you. Learn more about the wide world of online criminal justice programs at Tiffin University by contacting us today.