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What Can You Do with an MBA in Data Analytics?

By earning an online MBA in data analytics, you’re prepared for a career that harnesses technology to give you insight into what makes businesses perform at their best. An MBA in data analytics salary can be close to six figures, so you can rest assured a career in analytics after an MBA will pay off. At Tiffin University, you can earn an online MBA in data analytics or pursue your degree in-person, on campus.

What is the Difference Between a Business and Data Analyst?

Data analytics is sometimes confused with business analytics, so you may be wondering about the difference between a business analyst and a data analyst. Generally speaking, both jobs use technology to improve business.

Before deciding on earning an online MBA in data analytics, you might ask, what can I do with an MBA in data analytics? Data analysts are responsible for gathering, understanding and presenting data that will impact business decisions. Responsibilities include taking raw data and cleaning it up, understanding and identifying trends and making complex data easy to understand.

In contrast, business analysts are responsible for using data to identify strengths, opportunities and solutions for their company. Often, the work of a data analyst helps business analysts get their job done.

Now that the difference between a business and data analyst is more clear, you’re better prepared for a career in analytics after your MBA is complete.

Benefits of an Online MBA Data Analytics Degree

Students who graduate with their master’s in data analytics can potentially earn a high salary, but before you can enter this fast-paced career field, it’s best to know how to achieve your online MBA in data analytics.

Tiffin University prepares you for a wide range of jobs for a career in data analytics. You’ll be taught by professors who have real-world industry experience and expertise, and your classes teach you to develop your communication, leadership and team-building skills. A career in analytics after an MBA at TU means you’re ready to take on the technology-driven global workplace.

Some of the courses you can take at Tiffin University include data mining and structure, where you’ll learn how to manage different types of data files and unify them into one, workable source. A course in data visualization, design and presentation teaches you how to organize complex data sets in a way that’s easy for you to present and clear for anyone to understand. A class in descriptive and inferential statistics will prepare you to develop techniques to interpret, visualize and understand the data you gather.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job prospects for data analysts is projected to increase by 25 percent over the next decade — much faster than average for all occupations. This, plus the potential of a high salary in data analytics, means that you’ll get a good return on your investment earning your degree.

What Type of Career Options Are There with an MBA in Data Analytics?

group of professionals around conference table watching a presenterIf you’re still wondering “What can I do with an MBA in data analytics?” know that jobs for graduates in data analytics are plentiful. You can work as a data analyst in a corporate, academic, scientific or government setting. Here are a few examples of what a career in analytics after an MBA looks like:


As an economist, you’d be responsible for collecting and analyzing data, research trends and evaluating economic issues. You’d likely work a typical full-time schedule and would spend a lot of time on your computer looking at data and research. Most economist jobs require either an online MBA in data analytics or a degree earned in person. Internships that give you valuable hands-on experience also help improve your career options in data analytics.

Operations Research Analyst

Operations research analysts solve complex issues by using math, logic and data. Most operations research analysts work full-time in an office, and some employers will require or strongly prefer an MBA in data analytics or a related field. Because this job relies on intelligence and strategy, you’ll need to have strong mathematical, analytical and computer skills — all talents that you’ll develop with an online MBA in data analytics.

Financial Analyst

A career as a financial analyst means you’ll be guiding business clients to make the best financial decisions for their organization. You’ll apply what you know about data analysis specifically to finance and would typically be working full-time in an office. This is an example of a job for graduates of an MBA in data analytics that may require additional certifications, and some employers want you to become a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

How Much Can You Make with an MBA in Data Analytics?

Salaries in data analytics can be high, but how high depends on what job you’re doing and in what industry. The median annual wage for management analysts (which includes data analysts) is $93,000. Analysts who work for consulting firms are usually paid a base salary in addition to a year-end bonus.

In May 2021, the median annual wage for economists was $105,630; $82,360 for operations research analysts and $81,410 for financial analysts.

Early in your career, salaries in data analytics can range from $57,760 to $62,492, but again, your education level, location and industry experience all play a role in how much you’ll take home with an MBA in data analytics salary.

Changing Career Paths

Because the business landscape has changed so much due to the global pandemic, many companies have shifted their operations to be totally online. This opens up a huge demand for jobs for someone who has an MBA in data analytics. High pay, plus a manageable work schedule, makes a career in analytics after an MBA a great opportunity for someone ready to make a shift or launch a long-lasting career.

Tiffin University’s online MBA in data analytics prepares you for the world of business and technology thanks to insightful courses, experienced professors and engaged faculty who help guide you to a rewarding career.

How Can You Earn an MBA in Data Analytics?

All of this information hopefully gives you a clearer picture and answer to your question, what can I do with an MBA in data analytics. At Tiffin University, you’ll participate in exciting classes and get hands-on industry experience before you begin your search for jobs in data analytics.

Classes with a flexible start date and schedule, no application fees and no GMAT/GRE requirement are all great reasons to earn your online MBA in data analytics at TU. Plus, a 32-36 credit, 14-month MBA program means you’ll be ready to earn an MBA in data analytics salary sooner.

Prepare for the career of a lifetime at Tiffin University. Get started and learn more about the online MBA in data analytics degree program today.

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