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What Can You Do with a Homeland Security Degree?

If you’re wondering, “what does homeland security do,” simply put, these are the men and women working on the frontlines to keep our nation as safe as possible. Not sure whether a Master of Science in criminal justice in homeland security is worth it? You should know that this is a government job with lots of room to grow, and a homeland security job’s salary is well worth the investment in your education.

A Master of Science in criminal justice in homeland security at Tiffin University prepares you for a career in security assessment, strategic planning, leadership and more. With an advanced degree, you also have a competitive advantage as a job candidate who has proven skills.

Is a master’s in homeland security worth it?

One of the things you may be wondering about is where to work with a homeland security degree. The good news is, there are a lot of options when it comes to what jobs you can get with a homeland security degree which means a master’s in homeland security is worth it. If you want to increase your earning power as a government employee, getting your degree at the next level will only help to increase your homeland security jobs salary.

What does a master’s in homeland security look like?

Tiffin University’s online Master of Science in criminal justice with a homeland security concentration is one of the best in the nation. You’ll learn from industry leaders who are up on the latest techniques in providing national security

For many students who are adult learners, TU’s flexible online offering means there’s no need to juggle life and school — you can earn your degree at your own pace. On average, Tiffin University master’s of homeland security students studying full-time earn their degree in one year, while part-time students complete their studies in two years.

There are so many benefits to earning a master’s of homeland security at TU. For instance, members of the military and the Fraternal Order of Police receive a discount on tuition. Many students are able to apply skills they’ve accomplished in undergrad, meaning there’s more to what you can do with a homeland security degree. At TU, the ability to transfer credits means you can complete your degree in less time, for less money.

Many students go on to get a master’s in homeland security after earning a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, business management or information technology. Some of the courses you’ll take at TU include:

  • Terrorism and Emerging Threats
  • Contemporary Criminal Justice
  • Cyber Security and Technology in Homeland Security
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Homeland Security

What type of career options are there with a master’s in homeland security?

If you’re not sure where to work with a homeland security degree, you have a lot of options in front of you. Master’s in homeland security jobs span government organizations like the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Department of State and Secret Service to private institutions like cybersecurity or even academia.

Here are a few examples of what you can do with a homeland security degree:

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Emergency Management Director

Emergency management directors prepare plans and procedures for responding to natural disasters or other emergencies. They usually work in an office full-time, but of course when disaster strikes their expertise is needed in the field. In addition to your degree, some states require additional certification as part of the job. The median annual wage for emergency management directors was $76,730 in May 2021.

Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts make sure their organization’s computer networks and systems are safe and secure. This is a full-time job that is primarily in an office setting, usually within a company’s IT department. An advanced degree in addition to professional certification like certified information systems security professional (CISSP) gives you an opportunity for an even higher homeland security jobs salary. The median annual wage for information security analysts was $102,600 in May 2021. 

College Professor

You can apply your master’s in homeland security to the classroom by teaching the next generation of leaders. Most college professors work full-time but have seasonal breaks with an option to teach summer courses. You can become a professor with a master’s in homeland security, though some institutions prefer a Ph.D. in order to be considered for tenure. For postsecondary teachers focused on criminal justice and law enforcement, the average median salary in May 2021 was $64,600.

Law Enforcement

There are a lot of law enforcement jobs within the federal government with a master’s in homeland security. This is a demanding, often stressful career, but it’s also quite rewarding knowing you have a role in keeping communities safe. Law enforcement officers working in homeland security work full-time and often with paid overtime. To work within a government agency, extensive additional training is needed, usually at the U.S. Marine Corps base in Quantico, Virginia. In May 2021, the median annual wage for law enforcement officers employed by the federal government was $93,970.

Changing career paths

With the variety of master’s in homeland security jobs, it’s easy to see why this is a growing field for many people looking to launch a second career. Working side by side with people who want the best for their country and communities is a great way to make a living and that’s one reason why a master in homeland security is worth it.

Tiffin University’s online masters of homeland security program gives you access to the resources you need to get the best homeland security jobs and salary. Working closely with your classmates and TU faculty, you’ll gain skills that will prepare you to serve with honor.

How can you earn a master’s in homeland security?

Tiffin University’s masters of homeland security program is only offered online, and U.S. News & World Report ranked it among Ohio’s top online master’s degree program for criminal justice.

With flexible enrollment dates and a class schedule designed to suit your schedule and needs, TU makes earning your degree easy so you can quickly land top masters in homeland security jobs. Additionally, TU makes tuition affordable, with no application fees and discounts up to $250 off every credit hour for law enforcement officers and 30 percent off for military members.

Take the first step and see what you can do with a homeland security degree. Get started by learning more about the master’s of homeland security program at Tiffin University, and be sure to contact the admissions team to set up an info session.

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