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What a Difference a Master’s Can Make

You did it. You earned a bachelor’s degree, established a career in criminal justice and found your calling. Now you’re ready to challenge yourself to achieve the next goal: a Master of Science in Criminal Justice. Earning a master’s degree can position you for higher pay, a bigger job, a promotion or a career in an entirely new field.

There are many benefits to pursuing higher education. You:

  • show your boss and potential employers increased dedication to your field,
  • gain specialized knowledge to help you advance
  • and give your resume more oomph compared to other job candidates.

A master’s degree can also enhance your professional qualifications, make it easier to transition into leadership positions and rev up your earning potential. Research shows people with master’s degrees can earn up to $3.65 million over their careers, compared to $2.27 million for those with bachelor’s degrees.[1]

Tiffin University offers Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree programs with specialization in criminal analysis, criminal behavior, forensic psychology, homeland security, homeland security administration and justice administration. Many graduates of these programs are qualified to teach at community colleges or in undergrad programs, opening up another career path or a post-retirement source of income and fulfillment.

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[1] Shulsinger, Tamar, Northeastern University Graduate Programs, “The Benefits of a Graduate Degree in Today’s Job Market,” July 19, 2017