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Tiffin University to Offer a 2-week Online Course Without Charge

Tiffin University will offer a 2-week, online course inviting undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students an opportunity to test-drive the experience of online learning at no charge. The course, “Diversity in Education,” began on April 13. If you are interested in signing up, you can still do so today (April 13) until 5pm at this link:


“Diversity in Education” will explore cultural, ethnic, economic, gender, and racial differences and similarities in American society. By observing and confronting our own biases and notions, the course was designed to strengthen our peer relationships within our profession and throughout our lives.

“It is understood that students can feel apprehensive about online learning,” said Dr. Amy Wood, Vice President for Enrollment Management, “and it is our hope to relieve some of those concerns through this 2-week trial course at no charge.”

With no textbook required, students can expect one assignment each week and authentic interactions with a Tiffin University faculty member. Also to be predicted are new friendships because of the live online environment.

For additional information, contact Nikki Hintze, Executive Director for Online Enrollment, at

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