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Tiffin University Highlights Associate to Bachelor’s Degree Program

Tiffin University is proud to partner with community colleges for pathways of study that will lead to a four-year degree. With TU’s A2B (Associate to Bachelor’s degree completion) program, students who have an associate degree from a regionally accredited institution can earn their bachelor’s degree from Tiffin University in 61 (or fewer) credits.

No matter the field of study, an associate degree can count towards a Tiffin University bachelor’s degree in psychology, workplace leadership, business management, human resource management, manufacturing management, marketing, accounting or contemporary justice. Since the launch of the A2B program in summer 2022, TU has enrolled 65 associate to bachelor’s degree completion students.

In late 2022, TU also launched the Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) program, which translates knowledge and work experience into college credit. Through this program, students could earn up to a quarter of the credit hours for their bachelor’s degree before even starting class.

With a combination of the A2B program and the CPL program, students could have upwards of 90 credit hours in transfer credit towards a bachelor’s degree program even before the begin classes at TU.

Benefits of TU’s transfer pathways include:

  • Transfer pathways give assurance that courses will transfer smoothly toward a bachelor’s degree at Tiffin University.
  • Students will transfer with introductory major and most general education courses complete.
  • Students who transfer to TU after getting their associate could start the academic year as a college junior.
  • Students can complete their bachelor’s degree in as little as two years, enrolled as a full-time student.

TU’s pathways and collaboration with other schools were recognized by the Ohio Consortium for Transfer Pathways to the Liberals Arts during a reception at the Ohio Statehouse Atrium in Columbus late last year. The event recognized 25 two- and four-year institutions that have worked collaboratively to approve common transfer pathways in biology, English and psychology, consistent with the Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways’ guidelines.

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