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Student Spotlight: Tiffan Stephens, MBA in Leadership & Human Resources Management Student

Tiffan Stephens, MBA – Leadership & Human Resources Management Student

Current occupation: Human Resources Representative

What made you decide to pursue your degree as an adult?

I attended college right after high school and was not mentally prepared for the journey. I then became focused on my family, but promised myself that I would complete at least one degree by the time my daughter graduated from high school. I am now working on the second half of my MBA.

Why did you choose to study at Tiffin University?

I received my associate’s degree from another department in 2012 and was about to continue on with my bachelors when Iran into a former classmate who told me about Tiffin University off-site program at Cincinnati State Technical & Community College. The class schedule was ideal and I loved the idea of no tests, so I gave it a shot. I completed my bachelor’s program with honors in late 2016.

What has been your experience with the program so far?

I could not have made a better choice with Tiffin University. The courses are ideal for my learning style and the teaching staff is phenomenal!

What keeps you motivated to stay in the program?

My grandfather, who was an educator, passed away in 2014 and I made a promise to him that I would continue on with my academic studies as long as I was able.

TU’s motto is: Without risk there is no gain. Can you tell us about a time when you took a risk and what you gained from it?

At the age of 38, I was a single mom with a low-paying job, and was dealing with a serious illness. I was not happy with my job and was struggling financially. I knew the only way to become more financially-stable was to go back to college, so I took a leap of faith and re-enrolled in college in March 2010. The risk paid off as I now have two degrees and a graduate certificate. I’m not where I want to be in my career yet, but I’m in the right place to make things happen.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about going back to school?

The hardest part is making the decision to go back to school. Once you’re in the midst of it, the time flies by! Before you know it, you have a degree in hand and limitless possibilities.

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