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Open New Doors with a Master of Science in Criminal Justice

You made a great career decision when you went into criminal justice. Few fields offer the satisfaction you get from protecting your fellow citizens, helping people make better choices and improving the world we live in. If you find yourself wanting to do more and achieve more, it’s probably time to get a Master of Science in Criminal Justice, Cyber Security or Business.

How and where to get a master’s degree is a pretty easy decision. Tiffin University (TU) offers convenient, affordable programs online, which means you can go to school even if you work full time. And, U.S. News & World Report ranked TU’s online master’s degree program in criminal justice as the #3 program in Ohio, so you know you’ll get a top-quality education.

What may be a little tougher is deciding which program is right for you. TU offers eight options: six concentrations in our Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree, and two related degrees with their own curricula, goals and benefits to you. After you read these short overviews to narrow down the list, we’ll be happy to help you make a final decision and apply.

  • Crime Analysis – A concentration in Crime Analysis gives you a theoretical overview of the field and delves into concepts such as statistics, computer applications in crime analysis and investigation, criminal intelligence and research design. It prepares you for jobs in law enforcement, criminal investigation and fraud investigation.
  • Crime Science – Only a few schools in the world teach Crime Science, and TU’s program is way ahead of the curve. You’ll learn why crime occurs and how to prevent it by focusing on environmental factors that can affect criminal activity. This concentration is a perfect match for criminal justice pros who want to move up, and for non-criminal justice practitioners like city planners, mayors, architects and civil engineers who design buildings, parks and communities to minimize crime.
  • Criminal Behavior – Our Criminal Behavior concentration is for students who want to study the relationship between psychology and the criminal justice system. The program examines the psychological causes of crime, the changing American legal system and how we manage criminal justice agencies. You will learn how to help both victims and those who commit crimes deal with its impact. Many graduates go on to become behavioral health specialists, mental health workers and social services managers.
  • Forensic Psychology – If you love research and want to apply psychological principles to solving criminal justice problems, you should consider TU’s Forensic Psychology program, where you’ll cover issues related to substance abuse, psychopathology, personality assessment and research methods. The program will help prepare you for a career in the prison system; community corrections; mental and behavioral health organizations; federal, state and local law enforcement; or victims’ services. Classes are held on the TU campus on Saturdays.
  • Homeland Security – Homeland Security is a noble profession and TU is proud to offer one of the best programs in the nation. Our homeland security concentration covers border security, cyber security, coastal threats, emergency management and terrorism.
  • Homeland Security Administration – The Homeland Security Administration courses explore contemporary security issues including current threats, strategic planning, budget and finance, policy formulation, leadership and ethical issues to prepare you for promotion to a supervisory grade position (GS-13 or above). You may also become qualified to teach related courses in a community college setting or advance to a Ph.D. program.
  • Justice Administration – Students who pursue a Justice Administration concentration learn all aspects of leadership in the criminal justice system. The first semester covers human resource management, statistical applications and contemporary issues. The second semester explores legal and ethical issues, policy formation and analysis and research design and analysis. In the final semester, you’ll examine law and management practices.
  • Cyber Security – TU’s Master of Science in Cyber Security program is very different from programs that focus on the technical aspects of a cyberattack. Here, you’ll learn to assess threats and risk, understand legal and policy issues and hone your technical skills so you can both work with technical staff and communicate with non-techy organizational leaders. You’ll not only know what happens during a cyber incident, but why it happened and what to do about it.
  • Forensics and Fraud Examination – Fraud is a growing problem for businesses. TU’s Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Forensics and Fraud Examination teaches you to identify and deter fraud and white-collar crime. This program helps prepare you for a career in forensic accounting, fraud examination, litigation support, internal auditing, external auditing and criminal justice financial investigation.

Partnerships, Discounts and Transfer Credit
Comprehensive programs and high rankings are great reasons to choose TU to move your criminal justice career ahead, but they aren’t the only advantages. TU partners with a long list of Ohio organizations and businesses to offer tuition discounts to employees and their families. We’re proud to offer credit hour discounts to military members and families and to Fraternal Order of Police members and spouses. If you earned certain certifications while working for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, they may transfer in as credit toward a TU degree. You could even receive alternative credit for knowledge gained from employment, workshops, community service and other life experiences. The TU admissions team is here to help you take advantage of whatever discounts and credits you deserve.

There’s a world of opportunities out there for criminal justice professionals. Contact TU today and let us help open new doors for you.

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