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Meet Alexis Rodriguez, MBA in General Management Student

Alexis Rodriguez, MBA in General Management student

Current occupation: Grants Award Coordinator

What made you decide to pursue your degree as an adult?

I decided to pursue an MBA as an adult because I wanted to ability to move up in my current workplace and eventually become part of management area. It is also a personal achievement of mine to obtain my Master’s degree.

Why did you choose to study at Tiffin University?

I chose to study at Tiffin University because of the flexible online programs and the high praise from past alumni about the strategic curriculum and helpful faculty.

What has been your experience with the program so far?

I have had a wonderful experience so far with the MBA program. It has been so accommodating to my personal schedule as a full-time worker, mother, and wife. The teaching staff has been wonderful and very helpful in making sure all the information that is taught is understood and retained by the students.

What keeps you motivated to stay in the program?

My parents, husband, and newborn daughter keep me motivated to stay in the program. I know that by achieving my goal of obtaining an MBA that it will open a new door of opportunities for my future.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about going back to school?

To a prospective student who is thinking about going back to school I would say go for it! The opportunities are endless and it will pay off in the long run! Tiffin University not only excels in academia but it also has the convenience of online programs in order to accommodate work/life balance.

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