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MBA Alumnus, Jay F., Gives Us His Take on Online Learning at Tiffin University

I came to Tiffin University in fall 2015 and graduated with an MBA in Finance in summer 2017. I pursued a master’s degree to stay relevant in today’s competitive job market. Associate and bachelor degrees are very common; I knew the additional two years of study would set me apart when I applied for future jobs or sought a promotion with my current employer. I chose to study finance at Tiffin because of the faculty. Dr. Vinnie Gajjala was by far one of my toughest professors, but the real-world assignments and in-depth feedback gave me great perspective on how different organizations function financially.

I had a lot of drive during my first week of classes because it was a fresh start. I was on Tiffin University’s track team then, so making time for my schoolwork was challenging, but manageable. As a student-athlete, I needed to manage my time effectively, so I could do my best on the track and in the classroom.

I had been an undergraduate student at Tiffin since 2011. The biggest adjustment in the MBA program was transitioning from seated to online courses. If I had questions, I had to learn to approach professors through different channels instead of waiting until the next in-class session. Fortunately, the technology and online course format were not new to me. The Tiffin IT department does a fantastic job updating the system and e-mailing instructions and information.

Online group projects were a new dynamic. Not being able to physically meet with my group members was a challenge, but a good experience since it will probably happen in future jobs. I made a great group of friends through graduate school via online discussions; we would rely on one another when we did not fully grasp what the professor was asking for. If our group could not find the answer, our professors would always respond to our e-mails in a timely manner.

I feel both undergrad and graduate school at Tiffin University were transforming experiences. During undergrad, I learned alongside people of my own age and similar work experiences. When I engaged in online discussions during graduate school, my classmates were a bit older and had much more work experience. They gave me great perspective on how our lessons were applicable in real-world situations.


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