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Master the Mind with a Master’s in Psychology

If you’re curious about how the mind works and how it affects feelings and behaviors, psychology could be the career you’ve been looking for. By earning a Master of Science (MS) in Psychology from Tiffin University, which can take as little as 18 months, you’ll be able to teach a variety of psychology courses and master practical concepts and skills you can use in many occupations. This program is especially well-suited to high school teachers who are ready to stretch themselves and teach at the college level.

It’s important to note that TU’s MS in Psychology does not license you to practice as a behavioral health professional, which is highly regulated and requires significant advanced education. Our master’s degree does, however, prepare you for admission to a graduate program if you decide to pursue your doctorate and become a psychologist, mental health counselor, psychotherapist or other psychology professional. It could be a very smart move. The psychology field is growing rapidly and is expected to expand well into 2028. The median annual salary for psychologists is just over $79,000.[1]

Open your mind to a new career with TU’s MS in Psychology.

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[1] Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Psychologists, September 4, 2019