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It’s Time to Get Ready for Summer Semester

You’re enrolled in school, your classes are set and you figured out how to fit studying into your daily routine. Now that you’ve done the heavy lifting to get ready for the new semester, why not take a few extra steps to get all you can out of it? Here are some suggestions; pick the ones that will make the biggest difference in your life or go for it and do them all!

1. Create or update your study space. If you don’t have a place dedicated to studying, create one if you can. If you already have a study space to call your own, give it a new look with a great piece of inexpensive art, a new furniture arrangement or different lighting.

2. Set short-term goals. Small steps take you a long way. Commit to achieving something specific by the end of the semester, such as raising your grade point average or learning a new software program.

3. Stock up on supplies. Read your class description to find out what supplies, books and materials are required. Get them now to avoid a last-minute panic.

4. Test your technology.. Make sure your computer, internet connection, software programs and anything else you rely on for school are working right—before your first class.

5. Take care of you. With everything on your plate, you can’t afford to ignore your health. Rev up your workout, plan healthier meals or change your sleep schedule to be your best.

6. Plan what’s next. The summer semester tends to fly by. Think about what you’ll do when it’s over, whether it’s another semester of school, a job search or a vacation, and what you need to do to prepare.

The summer semester is almost here. A little extra preparation now will pay big dividends later! There’s still time to apply for the Summer Semester – starting on July 1. Fall semester begins August 26.

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