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How Do I Get the Most Credit from My Associate Degree?

Earning a bachelor’s degree can open doors for you. You can earn more money over the course of your lifetime, expand your professional network and enjoy more job stability.

If you already have an associate degree and are considering the next step in your college career, it’s important to ensure that every credit hour counts. In order to save time, money and energy, enroll in a bachelor’s degree program that maximizes what you’ve already earned with your two-year degree.

When transferring to a four-year college or university, your official transcripts are examined to determine how many transfer credits will be accepted. Each course you’ve taken is evaluated on how well you performed and how similar the course is to the one being offered. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for schools to reject some transfer credits and require you to retake courses, which in turn costs you more money and time.

However, when you enroll in one of Tiffin University’s associate to bachelor’s degree completion programs, you can make the degree you’ve already earned go further. If you’ve already earned an associate degree from a regionally accredited institution, Tiffin University’s A2B program allows you to maximize credit for the classes you’ve already taken.

This means you can earn your bachelor’s degree at TU in 61 credits or less. By focusing only on the courses directly related to your major, you don’t have to worry about redoing work you’ve already completed or retaking classes you’ve already passed.

Applying to Tiffin University is the first step in advancing your education from an associate degree to a bachelor’s degree. After submitting the application, you’ll need to send your transcripts to our admissions office for evaluation. When an admissions decision is made, you’ll have a phone review detailing what your degree requires and which existing credits will be transferred. After that, you will build a course schedule and attend online orientation before embarking on an exciting new journey that will have a life-changing impact.

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