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Hear from our Ph.D. Students

We asked our first cohort of online Ph.D. students to evaluate the course. Here’s what we heard:

  • The Professor excels as an instructor. He is attentive to everyone in the class and provides personalized assistance to help each student learn. The course was well organized and was just the right amount of work without feeling overwhelming. Overall, the professor truly cares about each students’ success and encourages us to be our best!

    Overall, the professor truly cares about each students’ success and encourages us to be our best!

  • The Professor spent a tremendous amount of time and effort to thoughtfully respond to discussion posts. He made relevant announcements to clarify areas of confusion by students. The class design was excellent.
  • The Professor was an amazing instructor for this course. Having that professionalism built-in from the top down is what made this course work for me in my opinion. The ability to push individuals, who are already established professionals in their respective fields, is not an easy task but he pulled it off.
  • This first course in the PhD program has been extremely stress-less. The Professor has a way of making the student feel comfortable while learning. Many people seemed to be scared at the beginning of the course but as the course progressed, I found that many of us were at ease via discussion board communication. Being able to know ahead of time what is expected of us as doctoral students and providing the information, resources, and materials needed to complete tasks has helped tremendously. I look forward to working with the rest of the PhD team as I go forward with my dissertation experience.
  • Tiffin University has created an excellent Ph.D. program and I am excited to be in its inaugural class. The material and course work has been challenging and thought provoking, but not completely over-whelming. The Professor has been a key to the program’s success. He has clarified objectives; provided critical, needed feedback; provided praise when appropriate; and most importantly – he has always been available when we need him. Again, I am very pleased with how things are going and looking forward to the next session. Thank you for letting me be a part of it.
  • A very understanding and exceptional professor. He is willing to assist and will go over and beyond just so the students will be a scholar! He is very awesome!

We offer our Ph.D. in Global Leadership and Change online with limited residency requirements so you can go to school, continue your career and take care of everything in your busy life. But just because it’s not a traditional on-campus program doesn’t mean it’s less worthwhile. Our curriculum covers important global leadership components and dissertation skills to help ensure your success.

You’ll work independently, but never alone. Our full-time librarians, faculty advisors, instructors and other staff members are here to provide all the support you need, including database access, research guides, webinars, scholarly publishing training and annual academic progress updates. The average student completes our program in 3.5 to 4.5 years.

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