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Hear from our Ph.D. Students Regarding Our Statistics Course

We asked our online Ph.D. students to evaluate our Statistics course. Here’s what we heard:

  • I found this course extremely helpful. Coming into the course I was nervous but the professor’s approach is outstanding and his willingness to go above and beyond far exceeded my expectations. As the statistical models we went over each week were detailed and somewhat complex, I found the weekly Zoom sessions extremely helpful. I am grateful that the professor was willing to take time out of his personal life (including during the evenings as most of use work full time) to meet with use once a week to go over the concepts. I am definitely more confident in my statistical modeling abilities after taking the course.

  • Overall, I think many concepts from this course will be used in either my dissertation or future research. I am truly grateful to have had the course with such a genuine professor who was so willing to go above and beyond while only being concerned with ensuring he provided us the opportunity to learn and understand the material. This was an absolute excellent course and probably one of the most useful courses I have taken in all of my collegiate studies.

  • The professor brought a knowledgeable, friendly, and humorous demeanor to the sessions that certainly helped diminish some apprehension given the detailed, complex topics. He was open to adjustments and continuously expressed the desire for students to understand concepts and succeed as researchers. I believe that sentiment helped motivate students to think optimistically.

  • This course is needed in the program. This course has given me the clarity that I need to approach the methodology in my dissertation. The professor is a true asset to this University! I would not change anything in this course. He is a genius. He knows what is necessary to achieve the goals and objectives in this course, and he guides students in that manner.

  • The professor is very helpful outside course hours and has been able to provide me guidance at all hours which is very much appreciated. During the stress of this course and everyday life, it was nice to know that he understood the pressure and found ways to help take the material and put it in to ways that not only I understood better but also for others.

  • This was a very tough course, especially for those who do not have a background in statistics. The professor did everything in his power to bridge the gaps between novices and experienced students. Without his guidance and extra instruction, I am positive I would have failed this course.

  • The professor went above and beyond to assist us in helping all students understand this course. Very appreciative of the time and training he did to assist us all.

  • The optional Zoom sessions with recordings enhanced my understanding of the course material. The professor continuously made himself available to students and was a true guider and supporter of our acquisition of statistical modeling concepts. Because of his guidance, I feel more prepared to conduct a quantitative study.

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