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Faculty Spotlight: Bonnie Tiell, School of Business

Dr. Tiell is a passionate professor that matches coursework with professional work experience throughout the school year. Dr. Tiell’s classes are known to visit the professional sports facilities in the state of Ohio, as well as leading a team of students to serve in the summer Olympics every four years. This past October, Dr. Tiell created an event on campus that brought more than 20 Olympians to campus. The event was called Elite Sport & Culture Week. The week-long event not only gave the Tiffin University campus an opportunity to meet world renown Olympians, but allowed students to work on the event as classwork for multiple classes.

You can check out the event on Facebook at The social media content was created, administrated and analyzed by students. The Facebook and Twitter pages featured student created content, as well as paid advertising.

Read on to learn more about our chat with Dr. Tiell.

Tell us about your position at Tiffin University.

I am honored to teach students interested in pursuing careers in the sports industry.

What is your background in your field?

Former collegiate coach and administrator, with experience in global sport business (e.g, supervising the Academic Experience with Olympians since 2004). Continue to work with national governing bodies in other countries teaching sport courses.

Why are you passionate about your field?

For many, working in sports is a dream job and I can play a small part in making dreams come true.

What advice would you give a person who is thinking about going back to school to pursue their degree?

Make sure you balance education with direct experience in the path you wish to pursue.

What are some of the reasons that you teach online?

If time is spent on the front end organizing a good course with working links, user friendly navigation and rich resources, then online teaching is a better experience. I love the freedom of working on my own schedule to interact with students.

What is one thing that you have noticed that has changed for good in online education?

Virtual collaboration has improved with cloud technology and mobile apps. The learning curve has decreased in terms of training new users how to operate mobile and digital applications.

What are some effective practices you have noticed from students that are currently facing a lack of time to study due to having a family or working a full time job?

Mobile friendly platforms are allowing working adults with families to access their courses in short periods to post discussions, in between innings of a youth baseball game or on a lunch break. Drop boxes and shared cloud drives are assisting the work flow for group collaboration.

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