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Dr. Pete Piraino Explains Why You Should Choose Tiffin University’s MS in Criminal Justice Program

Dr. Pete Piraino explains why you should choose Tiffin University’s MS in Criminal Justice program.

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Video Transcript:

We are leading the charge in the development of criminal justice education. Our choices of concentration vary from Homeland Security, Homeland Security Administration, Justice Administration, Law Enforcement, Crime Analysis, and Criminal Behavior. So there’s really something for everyone. If you want to study why crime occurs or how crime occurs, we have a master’s program for you here.

What makes our program unique and different is our faculty and their personal experiences. Their professional experiences in the field of criminal justice are second to none.

We’re very excited to be rolling out a crime science concentration in our master of Science and Criminal Justice degree. The Crime Science program is unique because very few universities in the world offer it as a master’s degree. Crime science is a relatively new field. It’s crime prevention through environmental design. It’s for the architect or the urban planner, the city manager. If you’re interested in developing safe environments, there’s no better place to get this kind of experience in education than at Tiffin University.