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ken rauch discussing the doctorate program at tu

Dr. Kenneth Rauch Explains Why You Should Choose Tiffin University’s PhD Program

Dr. Kenneth Rauch explains why you should choose Tiffin University’s PhD program.

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Video Transcript:

Our PhD program here at Tiffin University has been developed for adult professionals. We understand that they’re pulled in a lot of directions. They have children. They have professional responsibilities. We offer our program so the non-traditional student has access to that PhD credential, which serves them so well.

Some of the advantages in our curriculum development are very apparent. The first is that it’s not a cohort model, so it’s not locked up. Students are able to be flexible in their enrollment and at the same time, their enrollment is assisted by their adviser.

Once that they’re admitted to our program from that moment on they are never left alone. We’re always the next step ahead. They don’t have to worry about asking for something. We have the resources. We have the databases. We have the training the orientation. We always give them what they need before they know they need it.

My favorite part of the program as director is being able to share in the journey to that final dissertation defense. To be able to have your committee welcome you to the academic community as a doctor. It’s a special life event that you’ll never forget.

We’re blessed with motivated, mature, professional, accomplished students. They become part of our team. We’re not gonna allow them to fail. They bring their motivation and commitment and they find success.