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dr dan clark explains the degree completion program to student

Dr. Dan Clark Explains Why You Should Choose Tiffin University’s Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program

Dr. Dan Clark explains why you should choose Tiffin University’s bachelor’s degree completion program. Transfer up to 90 credits from previous institutions!

Learn more about our 100% online Bachelor of Arts – Workplace Leadership program here:

Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program

Video Transcript:

Tiffin University has a long history of challenging conventional wisdom and this program is somewhat unconventional. We believe that there are too many people out there that have frankly been abandoned by higher education.

Many of us have taken circuitous roots to our professions. Maybe you’ve started at a community college had to stop out to go to work. Many other institutions will force students to retake courses and retake credits, and the really exciting thing about the workplace leadership program is we will offer up to ninety credits of transfer education.

The workplace leadership program is a fully online program. The program is designed for the students to really bring together all of their hard-earned experiences and hard-earned previous education into a bachelor’s degree. And now it’s time for them to move up and be a leader.