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Dr. Bonnie Tiell Explains Why You Should Choose Tiffin University’s MBA in Sports Management Program

Dr. Bonnie Tiell explains why you should choose Tiffin University’s MBA in Sports Management program.

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MBA in Sports Management

Video Transcript:

Primarily the MBA in Sport Management is for business minded professionals who want to work or advance in the sports industry. The benefits and advantages of the Tiffin University Sport Management program are many. I would say number one would be connections. Connections at the professional sports level, intercollegiate sports level, sports facilities, sports properties, sports agencies, global agencies, as well as those throughout the United States.

Also the mentorship program, which is really focusing on a relationship between the students and professionals working in the field. We have students that are working with sports agencies with professional sports with intercollegiate sports. They’re getting more than just the academic background. What they’re doing is learning about the industry itself.

When I think about what students love about the program, I think it’s that we keep it current. We keep it fresh. We’re using fresh data. Case studies are renewed all the time. Discussion questions are current. We look at what’s happening in the field right now, and that’s the type of information that we’re making sure that they’re connecting to in the program.

We are a program that care about their success, not only in the classroom, but in their professional lives as well and those that enroll should expect that we’re here to help them advance. We’re here to help them reach their goals to get a particular position in the sports industry and whatever sector that they choose.