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Diary of an Online Student: Amanda Tells Us About Her First Three Weeks

Okay, you’ve decided to get a degree—congratulations! Now comes the next big decision: where to attend school. Every school claims to be the best, so how do you know which one will be the right fit for you? To help remove the guesswork, we asked new Tiffin University students to write about their experiences and tell us what it’s really like here.

Name: Amanda Traxler
Degree Program: Online MBA in Marketing
Start Date: August 2018
Graduation Date: December 2019

Week 1:
I’ll be honest: I always get anxious the first week of classes because it is a bit overwhelming going through everything that has to get done in the seven weeks these courses run. It is different taking classes online than in a seated classroom. However, the professors make sure we know who they are and have their contact information in case we have questions about the class.

I have found with online classes, it is important to be as efficient as possible. The first week, I went through each of the tabs for all seven weeks, so I knew how much homework was due. I found out we have a group project due at the end of the class, so the first week we found out who was in our groups and posted our contact information in the team discussion forum our professor set up. Tiffin’s technology is easy to use because I used the same technology in my undergrad.

I think my first week of classes went really well after going through the course syllabus and writing down everything I have to get done. I’m excited to be at Tiffin and can’t wait to get my MBA!

I think my first week of classes went really well after going through the course syllabus and writing down everything I have to get done. I’m excited to be at Tiffin and can’t wait to get my MBA!

Week 2:
The second week of classes was pretty good. I have a group project due for one of my classes and we spent time talking about what we wanted to do and who will be responsible for which tasks. Since my classes are online, we have to complete discussion posts every week and respond to at least two other people’s posts. This way, we can discuss our own thoughts as well as what others think about the course material.

One of my professor’s emails the entire class on Friday to remind us of everything that’s due by midnight on Sunday. It’s nice of her to communicate and check in to make sure everyone knows what is expected. She always tells us we can text or call her if we have questions.

Even though my classes are online, the fact that I have direct communication with my professors makes it feel like I take classes on campus. To me, the best part is that I can sit down and do a little homework whenever I have free time.

Week 3:
It’s week three already; time is flying by! My instructors have both been great about communicating important announcements related to our classes. I had a quiz due this week and the questions were in the chapter we cover in week four, so my professor told us he would extend the due date to Tuesday.

I cannot say enough about how great my professors are! They make sure everyone knows they are here to help if any problems arise. The curriculum for each of my classes is very interesting and it’s great to read other people’s thoughts on the topics through our discussion boards.

Going back to school can be scary, but all it takes to succeed is to stay as organized as you can. Make a to-do list of things you want to get done for your classes each day and stay on top of your homework. There are four weeks left in the semester and between my two classes, I have two major projects due along with discussion posts and quizzes. To finish strong, I’m making sure I stay on top of every task at hand.

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