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criminal justice agents monitoring CCTV footage

Criminal Justice Reform Opens New Career Doors in Crime Science

Never before has the U.S. criminal justice system been under such intense scrutiny. High-profile events have focused the world’s attention on law enforcement agencies and their role in keeping citizens safe. As calls for police reform mount, municipalities and governments are looking for new solutions, including understanding why crime occurs and using environmental design of public and private spaces to help prevent it.

Tiffin University’s Master of Science in Criminal Justice with a concentration in crime science is the perfect fit for criminal justice professionals who want to advance their careers, and for non-criminal justice practitioners such as city planners, architects, security personnel, school administrators and civil engineers responsible for environmental design. This online degree program teaches a holistic approach to crime prevention, including why crime occurs and how to thwart it by designing environments using scientific methods and techniques. Students draw from disciplines including law enforcement, engineering, architecture, psychology, urban planning and public health to minimize the effects of crime.

TU was the first and is still one of the few universities in the U.S. to offer a Master of Science degree with a crime science concentration. Our program is based on the cutting edge model of using Intentional Environmental Design (IED) to deter crime, and our faculty members have strong backgrounds in security, crime analysis, criminal behavior and crime prevention. For students who want to learn about crime science without committing to a full master’s degree, TU also offers a crime science certificate.

The criminal justice system is changing. Be on the forefront of new solutions and opportunities with a master’s degree in crime science from TU. Find out more and apply today.

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