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5 Reasons to Go for It: Turning Your Associate Degree Into a Bachelor’s Degree

Some people think that once you reach adulthood, it’s time to put the schoolbooks away. However, multiple studies prove that continuing education at any age has a positive impact on your financial, social and mental health — both in the short term and in the long run. Whether you’re a recent grad or thinking about a return after many years, consider these five reasons to motivate you to get back in the classroom and pursue your bachelor’s degree.

Invest in Yourself

You’re worth taking care of, and education is great a way to give back to yourself. Having the get-up-and-go to go back to school takes courage, and pursuing your bachelor’s degree is both rewarding and remarkable. There’s something to be said for sticking to your goals and crossing the finish line to a higher degree. In fact, studies prove that people with a bachelor’s degree report higher levels of self-esteem than those without.

Stand Out in the Crowd

Earning a bachelor’s degree gives you a competitive edge among other jobseekers. While holding an associate degree is definitely an advantage, taking your education a step further to complete a four-year degree makes you an even stronger candidate when you’re applying for jobs. The skills you pick up while pursuing your bachelor’s degree — communication, independent learning, strategic thinking, time management and more — are all skills that recruiters and hiring managers are looking for when making their decision.

Learn for Life

Continuous learning leads to a richer life. As you earn your bachelor’s degree, you’ll belong to a community of classmates, counselors and teachers who can become close friends and valuable resources when you enter the job market. As you work together, you’ll learn from each other and your world will get a little bigger with everything you discover.

Earn More, Enjoy More

The benefits of a bachelor’s degree can positively impact your potential income. Earning higher wages gives you more runway for financial stability, which in turn helps you weather life’s storms. Jobs in management and leadership roles earn the highest pay and typically require at least a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that people with a bachelor’s degree earn (on average) about 17% more each year, compared to people with a high school diploma.

You’re Nearly There

You’ve put in the hard work to complete your associate degree — pushing yourself a step further can be a rewarding way to stretch and challenge yourself. At Tiffin University, we work hard to make sure that your credits count. If you already have an associate degree, you’ll only be required to take a maximum of 61 credits to graduate with your bachelor’s degree. With a dedicated advisor guiding you from enrollment to graduation, we ensure you’ll only ever take courses required for your degree.

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