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Dual Enrollment Program

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Bachelor’s Degrees » Dual Enrollment Program

Our Bachelor’s > Master’s Pathways will Save You Time and Money on Your Education Goals

Tiffin University offers graduate courses that count as dual credit toward both undergraduate and graduate degrees. This opportunity allows students to finish their graduate degree program faster and save money. After completing these bridge courses and graduating with a bachelor’s degree from TU, students will be able to complete their graduate degree in fewer credit hours as well as qualify for Tiffin University’s alumni tuition discount on remaining graduate courses.


  • Students must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA to be eligible for
    dual enrollment
  • Students must be at senior standing with 82 credit hours completed to begin
    dual enrollment courses


  • Bachelor of Criminal Justice -> Master of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Criminal Justice in Forensic Psychology -> Master of Science in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Forensic Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security -> Master of Science in Cyber Security
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology -> Master of Science in Psychology
  • Undergraduate Degree -> Master of Business Administration
  • Undergraduate Degree -> Master of Education


Masters of Science in Criminal Justice, Cyber Security, or Psychology:

  • Dr. Pete Piraino, Dean for the School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences

Master of Business Administration:

  • Dr. Kellie McGilvray, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate and Graduate Online Programs for the School of Business

Master of Education: 

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