Tim Boulware

Online Admissions Counselor

tim boulware
Degrees & Certificates

Bachelor's in Communications, Ohio University


Coming from a 25 year career in radio broadcasting, I have always taken pride in effectively communicating and working with others. However, over the last several years my focus has been less about advancing my career and more on how do I make the world a better place? Serving in such an important role as an Online Admissions Counselor at Tiffin University is a great way to make a positive impact on people.

Whether it is someone right out of college looking to take the next step towards a degree, or a person trying to further their education after years in the workforce, I can help students reach their goals and attain a better life for themselves and those they love. Having graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Communications, it would give me a high degree of satisfaction to see you earn a diploma from TU and know I had a hand in making that possible.

A native of Columbus, Ohio, I moved into the area in 2020 ahead of my wedding. My wife Tracey and I now live nearby with our cat Brogan. My interests are sports (baseball and football especially), history, and singing. I love to travel. Eventually, I want to see Ireland and visit Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

Come join our family and discover all that TU has to offer.