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Why You Should Start an Online Program in May

As kids, most of us were conditioned to start school in August or September, finish in May and—if we were lucky—goof off all summer. But what seemed like heaven back then doesn’t make sense for adults who want to go back to school while holding down full or part-time jobs. That’s why Tiffin University (TU) threw the old school calendar out the window and offers online programs year-round. You pick the timing that works best for you, your family, your job and your other commitments.

Our next online session starts May 11. Here are four reasons it may be the right one for you.

  1. Things are less hectic. No matter how many years it’s been since they were in high school or college, a lot of people still think of fall as “back-to-school” season. Starting in May is a chance to either ease into online learning for the first time or earn more credits while classes are less crowded.
  2. You’ll stay on a roll. It may be tempting to take the summer off, but a lot of students find staying in school mode helps them keep their momentum and grade point average (GPA) up. TU offers sessions in January, March, May, July, August and October to help you stay on track all year.
  3. You can participate from anywhere. When you take online courses at TU, you can log in for assignments, announcements and discussion forums wherever and whenever it works for you. This is a huge advantage any time, but especially during summer vacations and staycations.
  4. You’ll get your degree faster. A short break from school is a lot less important than earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree that can help position you for your dream job, a promotion or a bigger paycheck. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly your credits add up!

TU’s online programs begin in January, March, May, July, August and October. The May session is coming up fast, so contact us today for more information and to enroll.