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Join the Fight Against Financial Crime

Financial crime has been around as long as money itself. Fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, bribery, tax evasion—the list of ways people try to skirt the law for their own benefit is long and growing. In fact, financial crime now represents 3.6% of global gross domestic product (GDP), making it one of the biggest economies in the world.[1] Almost half of all companies say they’ve been victimized, and the other half either have been and don’t know it, or they could be at risk in the future.[2]

With so much at stake, organizations need experts who can identify, investigate, report and help put an end to financial criminal activity. Tiffin University’s new Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Forensics and Fraud Examination puts you on the road to a career in this exciting field by giving you the required college credits for many states or preparing you for the Certified Fraud Examiner’s Exam. We’re one of the few universities in the world that can help you prepare 100% online for convenience and flexibility.

We’re one of the few universities in the world that can help you prepare for the CFE Exam 100% online for convenience and flexibility.

A lot of people are surprised to learn you don’t have to be an accounting or finance major to succeed in this program. TU works directly with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), the largest financial fraud-fighting organization in the world, to develop our concentration courses, which teach everything you need related to accounting and finance. Once you complete the program, you’ll be ready to pursue your Certified Fraud Examiner’s certification and be qualified to sit for the Uniform CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Examination®, giving you an edge over other candidates when you look for a job.

Another advantage is that you can complete the MBA program at TU in as little as 14 months. Armed with your degree, you’ll be ready to pursue forensic accounting, litigation support, internal auditing and external auditing. If you’re more interested in a criminal justice career, you’ll be a good candidate for jobs involving fraud investigation, fraud interviews, expert witness information and the legal system for financial fraud. No matter which path you take, your MBA core business courses will be invaluable to organizations at risk of financial fraud, which are essentially all of them, in every sector.

Forensics and fraud examination can be a lucrative profession, with fraud/financial crimes investigation supervisors making between $87,000 and almost $100,000,[3] depending on experience and skills. Fraud investigation manager salaries range from $102,000 to $116,000.[4] The average median annual salary for financial examiners, a job expected to grow 10% through 2024, is $79,280.[5]

While Tiffin University’s MBA in Forensics and Fraud Examination is new, our experience in the field goes back several years. Many people who minored in forensic accounting at TU have gone on to great careers, such as one student who became a Certified Fraud Examiner shortly after graduating and worked as an auditor for a public accounting firm, a controller of a manufacturing company and a successful fraud examiner. He says forensic accounting and fraud examination opened career opportunities he never dreamed would be available to him.

Join the fight against financial crime and reap the rewards for yourself and your family. Find out more about TU’s MBA in Forensics and Fraud Examination.

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