Erin Conti

Senior Online Academic Advisor

erin conti
Degrees & Certificates

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Baldwin Wallace University


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I am the first point of contact for graduate students enrolled in the Master of Education, Master of Science in Psychology and Master of Humanities, and Bachelor of Arts programs. I guide students on their academic journeys by registering and withdrawing them from courses, monitoring class participation and grades, and fielding phone calls, e-mails and visitor questions.

I worked in the sports information department at Baldwin Wallace University while pursuing my undergraduate degree. I found that I really enjoyed the behind-the-scenes processes of higher education and have worked at TU since 2013.

I know how to help students through a wide variety of issues, although new challenges come up now and then. As an example, I had a student who was a resident of Puerto Rico scheduled to begin her graduate program the week before Hurricane Irma hit the island. After the storm, she was able to find areas with functioning Internet and phone service to update me on her progress. She temporarily relocated, continued her incredible communication and successfully completed her first set of classes. She went on to complete her degree without withdrawing from any classes or taking any time off. Amazing!

In my experience, the key to success in a graduate program is time management. Students who find time to read the course material and complete the assignments are well on their way to a graduate degree. I compare it to my own life. As busy as I am, I find time to practice yoga because it is important to me. I have practiced since 2003 and been a certified instructor since 2010.