Chris Novak

Online Admissions Counselor

chris novak
Degrees & Certificates

Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, Tiffin University


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After my service in the United States Army Infantry, I worked in the hospitality industry for nearly 10 years. After several years within the industry, I discovered a 4-year degree was necessary to advance toward my goals of management. After careful research, I decided to attend Tiffin University in 2013 and graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management. After working at a resort in Palm Beach, Florida for several years, I relocated to Dallas, Texas to continue personal growth. After a few more years in the hospitality industry, I decided to make a career change. 

In 2020 I moved back to my childhood city of Cincinnati, Ohio to pursue a career in Property Management. While in Cincinnati, I frequently visited Tiffin to meet with friends and enjoy the area of my alma mater. Eventually, I decided to relocate back to Tiffin in early 2022 with the intention of continuing my education and seeking a career within education and learning. Having over 4 years of experience as a seated student at Tiffin University, with a firm understanding of the University’s campus and culture, I decided to apply my knowledge as a tool for current/future students.

Living in Tiffin again has revitalized my passion for continuing education and enjoying the journey. I am very motivated to provide insight, support, and encouragement to all people with a desire to learn. As an Online Admissions Counselor, I am personally invested in the overall success and betterment of everyone I speak with on a daily basis.

When out of the office, I enjoy spending time with family/friends, camping, sports, grilling, and meeting interesting new people!